Philips Izzy can keep tunes pumping in every room via Bluetooth

A funky-looking speaker that's all about spreading the musical love

Various companies are showing off multi-room audio gear at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and Philips is never one to let a bandwagon roll past unmolested. Its new speaker setup up claims to be easier to use than similar models on the market, as it relies on Bluetooth rather than proprietary, Wi-Fi-based systems. That's also cool because Bluetooth is usually a one speaker only deal, but izzy can work with multiple others to create a pulsating network of sound.

In order to keep things nice and simple, Philips has done away with the usual need for a bespoke app - instead, the snazzy audio tech connects via a special 'izzytech' network that seamlessly links every izzy speaker in the house into one giant audio network. Apparently that simplicity won't affect its range either, or so sayeth Philips.

So if you want to connect all your izzy speakers together, you'll just need to hit the big Group button on top of the device to link them all as one. Special LED indicators on the base of each speaker identify which one is the master so you always know which one to use if you want to adjust any settings. It's also IPX4-rated, meaing it won't short circuit if you take it into the kitchen or bathroom and accidently splash it.

Via: Philips

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