Better Than Takeout: A Three-Minute Solution to Lunch for Remote Work

Trouble making lunch while working from home? Freshly can help!

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Most of us probably ordered in or ate out when we were at the office. Most of us probably got into the routine of stopping for coffee every morning on our way to work. These are difficult habits to break, especially now.

Like it or not, 2020 has been exhausting. Many of us are already running on fumes and keeping it together by sheer force of will. With that level of stress and fatigue, it's incredibly difficult to motivate ourselves to do meal prep.

When we aren't working, we want to relax. 

The problem is that nutrition plays a huge role not just in workplace productivity, but in our overall mental health. Per Harvard Medical School's Harvard Health Publishing, poor diet is directly linked not just to impaired brain function, but also to the worsening of disorders such as depression. In other words, when we're too fatigued to ensure we're eating properly, that makes us even more burnt out. 

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It seems like a catch 22. As noted by Forbes Magazine, we need our lunch break in order to recharge and refocus. We need to step away from our desks and focus on giving ourselves some much-needed relaxation, something we cannot do if we're scrambling to prepare our food and dealing with the post-meal cleanup. 

Ordering in isn't really an option here, either. 

Not only does it get prohibitively expensive, but you also can't really control what goes into your meals when you order from a restaurant. It's far too easy to fall into the trap of scarfing down fast food on every lunch break, something which is likely to result in a downward spiral for your health. Portion control is a huge problem too, as restaurants often end up giving you either way too much food or not enough. 


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And that's not even getting into issues like incorrect orders, long wait times, and delivery issues which can leave you both frustrated and hungry. 

Here's where Freshly comes in. A meal service focused on convenience and nutrition, Freshly provides you with reasonably priced, fresh chef-prepared meals that are ready to eat the moment you're hungry. There's no need to wait on a delivery driver and no need to worry about cooking or cleanup- it's like having a personal chef and a nutritionist at your beck and call.

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Just heat, eat, and relax. 

Better yet, Freshly offers a huge selection of meal options. Updated on a weekly basis, Freshly's portion-controlled menu easily covers whatever food cravings you might be experiencing. From spaghetti and pasta to steaks and curry chicken, there's enough variety that you'll never get bored. 

Most notably, Freshly is healthy. Its menu features healthier versions of some of your favorite comfort foods, built on Freshly's three pillars: less sugar, fewer processed ingredients, and more nutrients. They're delicious, nutritious, and ready in minutes.  

Want to devour some macaroni and cheese? Freshly's is made from brown rice pasta and cheesy sauce with a purée of cauliflower and butternut squash. In the mood for chicken parmesan? You can enjoy one guilt-free, coated in almond flour and topped with marinara sauce sweetened with honey rather than refined sugars.

These are just a few examples — you can check out Freshly's website to see the full menu

Finally, there's the cost. Like we already said, ordering in can get expensive, costing you upwards of $20 or even $50 each time you do it. Freshly is designed with that in mind, charging as little as $8 per meal, meaning it's potentially even cheaper than prepping food yourself. 

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In short, Freshly is convenient, affordable, and healthy — everything you could possibly want in a meal. 

The coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably changed how we live and work. Even once a vaccine is developed and the world starts to go back to normal, remote work is still here to stay. In the meantime, however, we're all under more stress than any of us are used to. 

Staying healthy is one of the first steps in coping with this stress, and proper nutrition is essential to good health. Freshly provides exactly that. No matter how exhausted or drained you are, a healthy meal is just moments away.

Sign up for Freshly today starting at $8/meal

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