Sonos One deal there's now £30 off the Gen 1 Sonos One and every One must go!

They're clearing stock to make space for the Sonos One gen 2 with Bluetooth

Sonos deal £30 off Sonos One at Amazon

Rush to Amazon or while there is still time: the T3 Award-winning Sonos One just got its price trimmed… because there's a new version of the Sonos One coming out with Bluetooth added.

• Sonos One was £199 now £169 while stocks last. Save £30 at Amazon.

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Sonos One | £169 | Was £199 | Save £30 and 15%
£30 might not seem like the biggest discount ever but £169 is about the cheapest a Sonos One has ever been. The reduction is because there's a new model of the Sonos One appearing, which features a faster processor, more RAM and Bluetooth. However, the Bluetooth will NOT be used for streaming audio, it's just for making setup easier. And while the new processor/RAM arrangement may allow for faster connections, better buffering and futureproofing for most users, with solid home connectivity, this will make almost no discernible difference. That's why this should be seen as a great deal, rather than an "Oh my god, take it away please, we can't sell these things" kind of deal. It won't last long.View Deal

Sonos One scooped the T3 Award for Best Gadget and Best Speaker last year – and by the way, the T3 Awards 2019 are now ON – and part of the reason for that was the way it supports such a wealth of ways to listen to music, from voice-controlled Amazon Prime and Spotify to Apple Music and, more or less, every single music streaming in the world ever. However one means of streaming music Sonos does not support is the most popular one: Bluetooth. That's why it's highly exciting news that a brand new version of Sonos One incorporates Bluetooth.

But no, it's not for that.

This was established after Sonos emailed with news of a 2019 update to Sonos One. Having skimmed the email I saw that it said 'internal updates include the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an updated processor, and increased memory.' Which was exciting, but then it also said, 'There are no changes to the design and features available for customers, and both the Sonos One (Gen 2) and the original Sonos One will continue to be supported through regular updates.' 

That's because the Bluetooth is only there for setup purposes. Full clarification from Sonos: 'Bluetooth Low Energy is a wireless technology that facilitates infrequent short-range wireless data communication between smart devices.  In the Sonos One Gen 2, we use BLE to temporarily communicate with your phone/tablet to simplify the first-time setup process. It does not support audio streaming via Bluetooth connection.'

So, there we go. Still, good news about the £20 price cut on the first-generation Sonos One, right? 

The addition of non-musical Bluetooth and a faster processor and more RAM will enable the Sonos One (2nd Gen) to be compatible with more cutting-edge services in the future, with faster connections. I am just conjecturing here, but I do know that Google tends to have quite specific and testing requirements for speakers that incorporate Chromecast and Google Assistant so maybe that has some bearing on the 2019 Sonos One RAM and processor upgrade.

And hey, maybe one day they'll also start using the Bluetooth for music streaming as well as faster setup. Who knows?

• Buy the Sonos One (2nd Gen) for £199 direct from Sonos