Best cheap Garmin running watch deals: from Forerunner to Vivofit

All today's best deals on Garmin fitness trackers and watches

Best Garmin watch deals on Forerunner running watch, Approach golf watch, Fenix outdoor watch, Vivo fitness trackers
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There's plenty of time to get a cheap Garmin fitness watch deal before Black Friday hoves into view. Whether it's the all-conquering Forerunner range of Garmin running watches, the more premium and outdoorsy Fenix 3 and Fenix 5 lines, a Garmin Approach golfing watch or one of the brand's numerous Vivo fitness trackers, these are the best prices you'll find today.

Black Friday Garmin running watch deals: what we expect to see

Garmin continues to point the keenest runners towards its range-topping Forerunner 945, which we expect to retain its lofty £519.99 price tag for a little while longer. That said, there will likely be deals on the slightly cheaper Forerunner 645 during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Similarly, the Fenix range has recently been updated, meaning the brilliant previous generation Fenix 5 will likely be offered with some serious savings. We also know from past experience that the Vivo range, which is aimed at the FitBit market (rather than hardcore runners), always boasts some pretty enticing deals. 

Why buy a Garmin fitness watch?

Garmin's fitness and outdoor watches, running watches and golf watches are the best you can get. While its cheaper bands are less popular then Fitbits, they pack in a lot of features for not much money.

It's the watches that are the real draw though. The most recent Forerunner watches – the 245, 645 and 945 – have greatly improved heart rate tracking, useful training load and recovery tools, and help you really analyse your runs in depth. Not only that but these are great all-round fitness witches for analysing multiple activities from gym workouts to cross-country skiing. 

Add sophisticated analysis of your sleep, energy levels and stress and you have some really invaluable training tools. The long battery life of these watches is another major plus.

The Garmin Fenix watches are similar in many ways to the Forerunners, but geared more around outdoors and, perhaps paradoxically, wearing with a suit, to work. To that end they're ruggedised to the nth degree, offer high-end GPS tracking of your hikes and mountain expeditions and also look kinda classy. 

Golfers will love the Approach range of watches. Non-golfers will not, but what fo those guys know? These use GPS to calculate the distance from your location to the hole on thousands of courses as well as helping with club selection and keeping score.

Finally, the various 'Vivo-' fitness bands (Vivosmart, Vivofit, Vivoactive, VivoLasVegas, etc) are more old-style trackers, designed to take on Fitbit. The best of them add built-in GPS, which most Fitbits do not have. 

Today's best Garmin deals by range