The very best Dyson deals for Black Friday 2017

Looking for a new vac? Here are the very latest Dyson deals and offers

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Welcome to our roundup of the very best Dyson deals - we'll help you get the very best deal on a new Dyson vacuum.  Dyson gear isn't cheap, so taking advantage of the latest offers is a very smart decision.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are bagless and feature patented cyclone technology. This is referring  to the suction design of the vacuum, as air spirals inside a cone on the vacuum large amounts of centrifugal force is generated. The most recent models now have two tiers of cyclones claiming to pick up microscopic particles.

The bagless vacuum is Dyson's main claim to fame - it was launched over 30 years ago since then its range of vacuums have become some of the lightest, most efficient and most popular vacuums sold. 

How to choose the best Dyson vacuum for you

Choosing the right vacuum out of 37 isn't easy. 

If you're looking for a lightweight vacuum then go for a Cordless vacuum. Benefits being they come with a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner making it easier to clean hard to reach areas. The battery life maybe a problem for some. 

If you're looking for manoeuvrability go for the Ball. The Dyson vacuum sits on a ball, as oppose to wheels, which swivels around itself making it easier to change direction. The Ball is available on both upright and cylinder models. 

Deciding between an upright or cylinder vacuum? Upright vacuums are easier to store, cover large floor areas better and are good on pet hair. Whereas the cylinders tend to be lighter, easier to manoeuvre, sit on stairs and are often quieter. Lets take a look at the best Dyson deals on offer. 

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The best Dyson Small Ball deals

Weighing just 5.4kg the Dyson Small Ball is the lightest of the regular upright vacuum cleaners. The Ball is an engineering triumph that allows the vacuum to dance it's way around corners and angles, whilst being easier on the arm. 

As with all Dyson vacuums it is available as either Multi-floor or Animal. The difference being which floor heads or attachments come with it. The Animal variant comes with a turbine tool for getting stubborn pet hair off the furniture.

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The best Dyson DC40 deals

If you're looking for extra suction power and a vacuum that is easy to store, go for the Dyson DC40 with a larger storage bin to hold more household dirt. Weighing 6.6kg it is very convenient to use and easy to lug up and down the stairs. Featuring Dyson's Radial Root Cyclone technology the suction power is never compromised even when trapped dirt accumulates.  

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The best Dyson Cinetic Big Ball DC75 deals

This vacuum was engineered for homes with pets. It's 120AW suction power, with Cinetic science technology, will leave your house animal hair free. No pets? It is still worth considering as it's the only vacuum with no filters and has a bin volume of 2.18L. However, with all that extra waste space and 10m of cord the vacuum is one of the heavier models at 8.7kg. 

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The best Dyson V8 Animal deals

If you're considering a cord-free, lightweight vacuum cleaner, definitely take a look at the Dyson V8.  Probably more suitable for smaller homes, as the Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminium battery only lasts up to 40 minutes, or 25 with a motorised floor tool attached. However, with it's 2 tier Radial cyclones technology and direct drive bristles that get deeper into the carpet, its cleaning performance is  very good. 

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The best Dyson V8 Absolute deals

With twice the suction of any other cord-free vacuum the Dyson V8 Absolute is a worthy contender. This multi purpose vacuum can transform into either a handheld vacuum or a lightweight ceiling vacuum through an extended cleaning head. Multi heads have been invented for the Dyson V8 to give a thorough clean on carpets or hard floors.  

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The best Dyson DC39 deals

With an adjustable Dual model this vacuum was engineered for tackling dirt on all floor types, making it very versatile. Featuring Dyson's Radial Cyclone technology it offers maximum suction ensuring to pick up even microscopic dust.  Riding on a ball cylinder, it dances around the house making it easier to navigate around your furniture.