The best cheap Dyson deals 2019: vacuum cleaners, hair driers, fans and heaters

All the latest and greatest Dyson prices, deals and offers in one place, from Dyson vacuums to heaters, fans, hair stylers and air purifiers

Best Dyson deals
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Dyson is one of the most significant UK tech brands, and its Apple-like 'affordable premium' pricing means cut-price Dyson deals are highly sought after during sales, and at all other times, come to that. 

If you're looking for a deal on a Dyson cordless vacuum, Dyson fan or heater – or even a Dyson hair device – you're in the right place. Occasionally they crop up with discounts, and as soon as they do, you'll find the the best Dyson deals available below. (It's quite an undertaking. Who knew one brand could have so many similarly-named products on sale at once?) 

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Today's best Dyson deals

Today's best deals at Dyson's eBay outlet (refurbished)

Dyson V8 Animal (refurbished): £259.99 (was £349.99)
Save £90
- If you don’t mind buying a refurbished model (and with a one-year guarantee, we don’t) this is a brilliant price for a cordless vacuum from a prestigious name like Dyson. You don’t need pets to get the most from the V8 Animal: it’s the same vac as the V8 Absolute, just with one less attachment in the box. See this great Dyson Animal V8 deal at eBay now.View Deal

Dyson V8 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum: £279.99 (was £440)
Save £160.01
- This refurbished V8 Total Clean is popular on eBay; the Official Dyson Outlet has sold more than 502 models so far (that’s over 60 per cent of available stock). Dyson has now discontinued the Total Clean, but this great cordless vacuum comes with a one-year warrantee and the refurbished model has been rated an average 4.5 out of 5 stars from happy eBay customers. See this V8 Total Clean eBay deal now.View Deal

Today's best new, box-fresh Dyson deal

Dyson V8 Animal: £343 (was £349.99)
Save £6.99
- If you’re not sold on buying a refurbished model, the cheapest V8 Animal deal right now comes via Amazon. It’s not a huge saving (we'd go for the eBay deal above every time) but it is a 14% discount on Amazon’s claimed RRP (£399.99). And it is new. See this V8 Animal deal on Amazon now.View Deal

Best Dyson deals elsewhere

Absolutely everyone is doing £50 off the Dyson cordless flagship today. The chunky, powerful, ray-gun-lookalike Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute is the best cordless vac for people who would really prefer a non-cordless vac, and it's £449 right now. In fact, so many shops are doing this 'deal', we are beginning to suspect it's unofficially the new RRP.

Best Dyson cordless vacuum deals

Dyson's cordless vacuums are its flagships and according to Sir James Dyson, all development on corded ones has stopped. For a long time, Dyson handheld, cordless, bagless vacs were way out in front of the competition. Today, the likes of Bosch, Shark, Vax and Philips have pretty much caught up, but Dysons remain the most desirable of all, and they are generally excellent.

Some users are put off by the short-ish battery life, but if you think of it as something you use for regular spruce-ups, rather than once-a-month mega-cleans, even the lowest duration offered (10 to 12 minutes on the 'turbo' setting, or 20-40 on the lower power, depending on what model you use) is perfectly adequate.  Light and manoeuvrable, they're also great for cleaning off surfaces, tables, backs of TVs, even cobwebbed ceilings.

While the V10 has been specifically marketed as a corded vac replacement, and good for everything from deep pile carpets to light dusting, in point of fact its predecessor the V8, and its more obscure cousin the V7 had already cracked that. Especially if you have mainly hard floors, they are all the vacuum cleaner many people will ever need.

• Here is our number one top Dyson cordless buying tip.

The Dyson V7 and V8 models are barely inferior to the V10 when it comes to floor cleaning and both more compact and more of a pleasure to use when using your Dyson cordless as a pure handheld. The V7 Trigger is just a handheld – there's no extension tube or motorised floor-cleaning head.

The older V6 is admittedly a bit crap by comparison, but as a backup device, or if you have a fairly small place, with mainly hard floors, it's surprisingly good for its age.

• Dyson model variations

This can be a touch confusing but we'll try to explain as best we can.

Animal models (or ones with no suffix) come with a motorised head for floors, a smaller motorised head for upholstery, stairs etc – both of these are good for getting rid of pet hairs but are also useful to non-pet owners. The other tools are the essential extension pole so it's not just a handheld, a combi tool for general handheld cleaning, a crevice tool and a brush tool for dusting – this one seems entirely superfluous due to the presence of the combi tool, but there it is.

Absolute models are exactly the same but add an excellent spongey, motorised head specifically for doing hard floors.

Total Clean bundles include an extra flexible crevice tool and attachment for cleaning the tops of cupboards from below with – both quite handy but hardly essential.

Pro models are exactly the same as Absolute ones, but exclusive to Dyson and in different colours (!)

Does what you see below look atrocious on your mobile, with acres of white space? Try this alternative version.

The best Dyson cordless deals right now

A heavily Photoshopped image of someone wielding the almighty Cyclone V10 Absolute

Best Dyson robot vacuum cleaner deals

Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum

You don't see many deals on this device, presumably due to a lack of economies of scale in its production, and the fact that it's the most expensive thing Dyson sells, at least until such time as its cars come online.

We reviewed the Dyson 360 Eye when it came out. It's by no means a perfect device but if you can live with its rather slow cleaning and habit of getting stuck, it is undeniably among the best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy. It has an unusually good app (which can also control all Dyson's other connected products), impressive suction and even looks quite good.

In the Far East, Dyson has actually released a Robot 2.0: the 360 Heurist. This is better able to 'see' in low light and boasts improved cleaning performance, but there's no sign of it launching in the West any time soon.

Best Dyson corded cylinder vacuum deals

If you're in the market for a more serious vacuum cleaner, do the same as in unarmed combat and go for the Balls. Dyson vacs sits on a ball, as opposed to wheels, which swivels around itself making it easier to change direction. The Ball is available on both upright and cylinder models and also in compact ('Small Ball') and standard (yes, 'Big Ball') incarnations. 

Upright vacuums are often easier to store (as long as you have a tall enough cupboard), cover large floor areas better and are good on pet hair. Cylinders tend to be lighter, easier to manoeuvre, sit on stairs and are often quieter. 

Our favourite is the Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 cylinder vac. Stable, powerful and designed to spring back up should it ever fall over, this is a textbook cylinder cleaner with some very handy additional heads. 

The more basic Ball Multi Floor is also a solid choice, especially when discounted.

If you're more an upright citizen, the two Light Ball models (Animal and Multi Floor, again) are also excellent value. They're unusually lightweight uprights, and in this type of vac the 'Ball' element really comes into its own. This engineering triumph allows the vacuum to dance it's way around corners and angles, and is pleasingly easy on the arm. 

A handy, pull-out suction tube is handy for doing surfaces, picture frames and ceilings.

If you have a large home full of deep pile and pets, you may want to consider a heavier weapon, in the form of the heftier Ball Animal 2. It's more expensive, but you do get what you pay for, here.

• The Animal variants of these vacs come with turbine tools for dragging stubborn pet hair out of the clutch of furnishing fabrics.

As well as the 'official', current Dyson models, there are plenty of slightly older models out there at numerous retailers. The best prices we can find for this dad's army of good to excellent vacs can also be found below.

Current Dyson range corded cylinder vacuum cleaners

Best Dyson corded upright vacuum deals

'Other' Dyson vacuum deals

Best Dyson fans, heaters and air purifer deals

Whether you want to heat, cool or purify (or various combinations of the above), Dyson has a device for you…

Rather like Duran Duran in the 80s, Dyson is massive in the Far East. And in that part of the world there are huge markets for air purifying devices. Dyson started out in this field with its highly desirable designer fans, and now has connected, app-controlled, purifiers, humidifiers, fans, heaters

It also has devices that can do various combinations of heating, cooling and purifying. Confused yet? It's happily become quite simple since Dyson stopped calling its devices things like 'AM09' and instead called them, for instance Pure Hot + Cool. 

For a while, fans with app compatibility had the word 'Link' in the name too but as all new Dyson devices feature smart home connective tech that's no longer the case. However, you can still buy older devices with 'Link' in the name. So both the new Pure Hot + Cool and the old Pure Hot + Cool Link have app connectivity.

Right, now we really are confused. On with the deals, then. Ahem.

• Our top tip for Dyson fans and purifiers.

You're usually off getting the latest models rather than the less expensive, older 'Link' ones. They are better at what they do, and more attractive. However, if the older models are significantly cheaper due to being on sale, they become quite tempting.

The Pure Cool tower and desk (not shown proportionately). 

Best Dyson haircare product deals

Dyson. Feelin' Supersonic?

Dyson's latest move has been into grooming products, with the revolutionary Supersonic hair dryer and the brand new, multi-headed Airwrap styling, erm… thing. You won't find many deals on the latter just yet, but there are sometimes discounts to be had on the hairdryer.