Best Dyson Black Friday deals and offers 2019: cheap vacuums, fans and more

All the best early Dyson Black Friday deals, offers and discount codes on vacuums, fans, heaters and haircare

Cheap Dyson Black Friday deals and offers
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Dyson Black Friday deals are just a few weeks away – officially. But that doesn't mean there aren't some great Dyson offers to be found right now. Whether you’re looking to buy a Dyson cordless vacuum, Dyson fan or heater, or even a Dyson hair device, you'll find the cheapest Dyson prices available, anywhere, here on this page. 

Our team is constantly tracking the best Dyson deals from the most reputable retailers. We're already curating the best early Dyson Black Friday deals below, and on Black Friday and Cyber Monday themselves we'll give you the first look at all the best Dyson offers on all products.

Dyson Black Friday deals 2019: what we expect

When it comes to vacuums, we think the biggest Black Friday Dyson deals in 2019 will be on the cordless Dyson V8, V7 and V10, and on Dyson’s corded models. The best Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals can cut up to £100 off any Dyson product though. 

Last year, we saw the Dyson V8 on sale for £279.99 (was £349) at eBay. The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer dropped from £299.99 to £265.99 at Amazon, and the Dyson AM09 Hot & Cool Jet Focus fan heater could be bought for just £299 (it was £399) from Currys PC World. And we'd expect to see similar price cuts again this year.

As you’d expect, the biggest savings tend to be found on older and refurbished products, and you’re more likely to find a bargain Dyson Black Friday deal at retailers like Amazon, Currys PC World and more than on the official Dyson store. 

Should you wait for a Dyson Black Friday deal?

If you need to buy the best vacuum cleaner or the best cordless vacuum cleaner now, we wouldn’t wait. Black Friday falls late this year – on the 29 November – and there are some good Dyson offers around now, especially on older and reburbished models. 

However, if you’re not desperate for a new Dyson – or you're shopping for a Christmas gift, say – it may be worth hanging on. We do tend to see the very best Dyson deals on all products over Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so if there is a killer offer to be had, it’ll be then.  

Early Dyson Black Friday deals: the best UK offers

We've searched the internet to find the best Dyson deals available – across all products – right now.

Dyson V11 Absolute: £499 (was £599) | Amazon
Save £100
- This is an incredible early Dyson Black Friday deal on the flagship V11 Absolute. It’s currently barely more expensive than the V11 Animal, which lacks the V11’s best cleaning head – the adaptive High Torque head. This won’t last long.View Deal

Dyson V8 Animal: £349 (was £399.99) | Amazon
Save £50.99 -
This early Dyson Black Friday deal gives you a 13% discount on the still-excellent V8 Animal. It’s lighter than the V11 and V10, so it’s easier to sue a pure handheld. And given it launched at a whopping £450 back in 2016, the price of less than £350 is a bargain.View Deal

Dyson V7 Animal: £299 (was £399.99) | Amazon
Save £100.99
- There’s a 25% discount on the Dyson V7 Animal over at Amazon, thanks to this early Dyson Black Friday deal. Designed for homes with pets, it’s not as powerful as the flagship V11, but it’s still a very good vac – and at this price it’s excellent value.  View Deal

Dyson V7 Animal cordless vacuum: £279 (was £399.99) | eBay
Save £120
- There's an even bigger Dyson V7 Animal discount over at eBay right now, too. This early Dyson Black Friday deal cuts a further £20 off the V7 Animal, taking it down to just £279.View Deal

Dyson V7 Trigger: £195 (was £199) | Amazon
Save £5
- The Dyson V7 Trigger is an even cheaper way to own a Dyson. It's the only handheld Dyson does, and it costs less than regular cordless model – and right now you can buy it at Amazon for a fiver less than everywhere else.View Deal

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute (refurbished): £379 (was £449) | Dyson
Save £70
- If you don’t mind buying a refurbished model (and with a one-year guarantee, we don’t) this is a very good price for a cordless vacuum from a prestigious name like Dyson. The V10 has been superseded by the newer V11 model, but it remains an excellent vac.View Deal

Early Dyson Black Friday deals: the best US offers

Dyson V11 Torque Drive: $599.99 (was $699.99) | Dyson
Save $100
- There’s currently a cool $100 discount on the flagship Dyson V11 Torque Drive cordless vacuum over at Dyson. Boasting twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum and a run time of up to 60 minutes, it’s the best Dyson vac you can buy (indeed, it's the best cordless vacuum full stop) - and this is the cheapest the Copper model has ever been.View Deal

Dyson deals at Amazon: up to $200 off various models | Amazon
Save up to $200
- There are all kinds of great early Dyson Black Friday deals over at Amazon right now. You’ll find cordless vacs, fans and more on sale for a lot less than usual.View Deal

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute: $399.99 (was $599.99) | Dyson
Save $200
- There’s a massive 33% discount on the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute over at Dyson right now. That’s better than you’ll find on Amazon at the moment, and a very good price for this powerful cordless vacuum. 

Dyson V7 Allergy: $189.99 (was $329.99) | Dyson
Save $140
- This cordless vacuum comes with a powerful direct-drive cleaner head to remove ground-in dirt from carpets, and provides up to 30mins of fade-free suction. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the flagship V11, but at less than $200, this is a fantastic early Dyson Black Friday deal.View Deal

The best Dyson Black Friday deals on vacuums

For the best Dyson Black Friday deals on cordless vacuums, look for the older – but still excellent – Dyson V8. It’s not quite as powerful as the flagship V11 or the V10, so it’s cheaper, but for most people it’s all the vacuum cleaner you’ll ever need. Plus, it weighs less, so it’s easier to use as a pure handheld.

We expect to see good discounts on the second-best Dyson – the V10 – this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, too. At over £100 cheaper than the flagship V11 as standard, it’s already good value. 

However, if you want to own Dyson's most powerful vac and very latest tech, you'll need to fork out for the Dyson V11 Absolute (or V11 Torque head in the States). It comes with a new cleaner head that "intelligently adapts for optimum cleaning on all surfaces”, and improved battery life so you can clean for longer. It’s the least likely model to see a huge Black Friday deal – although it has received a cool £100 discount in November, dropping the price to £499.

Of course, the cheapest Dyson vacuums are the corded models, which Dyson says it isn’t making anymore. The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor is particularly good value, but if you have pets the chunkier Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 is worth looking at. Here are the best Dyson Black Friday deals on all vacuums...

  • Pro tip: for the cheapest Dyson vacuum prices, choose the Animal models. They share the same motor as the Absolute, but tend to come with slightly less attachments. 

Dyson V11 Black Friday deals

Dyson V10 Black Friday deals

1. Dyson V8 deals

For the very best Dyson deals, look to the older but excellent V8 Absolute

Type: Cordless stick
Weight: 2.61kg
Charge time: 5 hours
Max run time: 40 mins
Bin volume: 0.54L
Handheld mode: Yes
Suction power: 115AW
Accessories: 5
RRP: £499
Reasons to buy
+Still excellent even though it's older+Very (very) good value now+Lighter than newer models
Reasons to avoid
-Not as powerful as the V11 or V10

The Dyson V8 Absolute isn't the newest Dyson cordless vacuum you can buy – it's been superseded by the V10 and, more recently, the V11. However, it remains an excellent choice because it's still very good. Plus, it's significantly cheaper than the V11 and V10. And, when it comes to Dyson deals, the V8 is also much more likely to see a bigger price drop than the newer models – making it even better value. 

So how good is it? Well, for many people, the Dyson V8 Absolute is all the vacuum cleaner you'll ever need, particularly if you mainly have hard floors. It's also lighter and more compact than the V11 and V10, which makes it easier to use as a pure handhold.

If you want to own Dyson's most powerful vac and very latest tech, you'll need to fork out for the V11 further down this list. But if you don't mind compromising a little, the Dyson V8 is a good £200 cheaper – and it's still an absolutely brilliant cordless vacuum. 

Bear in mind that Dyson isn't selling the V8 Absolute directly on its UK site anymore (although you can still buy the cheaper Dyson V8 Animal, which is also brilliant – it just doesn't come with the Absolute's soft roller cleaner head for hard floors). But you can still buy it through retailers like Amazon and Currys PC World, and we would expect to start seeing some decent Dyson offers on the V8 Absolute as UK retailers look to clear their stock. 

cheap Dyson deals

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2. Dyson Cyclone V10 deals

The V10 Absolute is more powerful than the V8 – and cheaper than the V11

Type: Cordless stick
Best for: Carpets, hard floors, stairs, cars
Weight: 2.68kg
Bin Size: 0.76L
Max run time: 60 mins
Power: 155AW
RRP: £499
Reasons to buy
+Gets better deals than the V11+More powerful than the V8
Reasons to avoid
-Bigger than V8-Less powerful than the V11

If you want a cordless Dyson vacuum that's very much like the flagship V11 Absolute – but, crucially, more affordable – consider the Dyson V10. Sure, it lacks the intelligent battery management of its newer stablemate. It doesn't have the high torque cleaning head, either, so it's perhaps less effective on carpet – when the going gets tough, the Dyson V11 is a more able cordless vac.

However, in normal use, we doubt that most users will notice the difference. In fact, the Dyson V10 looks and feels the same as the V11, and will get your home clean with a very similar level of effectiveness – for well over £100 less. We suspect it might soon start becoming subject to bigger Dyson deals that drop the price further, too.

(Alternatively, if you want an even cheaper Dyson vacuum but don't want to sacrifice power, try the Dyson V10 Animal. It's exactly the same as the V10 Absolute, but comes with six accessories, instead of seven – you don't get the soft roller cleaner head for hard floors.)

3. Dyson V11 deals

The best Dyson cordless vacuum you can buy, but it rarely comes cheap

Type: Cordless stick
Weight: 2.97kg
Charge time: 4.5 hours
Max run time: 60 mins
Bin volume: 0.76L
Handheld mode: Yes
Suction: 185AW
Accessories: 8
RRP: £599
Reasons to buy
+Powerful motorised torque head+Can run for up to 60 minutes
Reasons to avoid
-Few cheap Dyson deals to reduce price

The V11 Absolute isn't just the best Dyson cordless vacuum you can buy – it's the best cordless vac, full stop. As a result, it's rarely subject to a Dyson deal, but if there's a discount to be found, you'll see it above. 

So what's so good about the V11? Well, it has 20 per cent more suction power than the next-best Dyson vac – the V10. Plus, it comes with a new cleaner head that "intelligently adapts for optimum cleaning on all surfaces" and improved battery life, so you can vacuum for longer too (up to an hour). There are also three different cleaning modes (Eco, Auto, Boost) and a real-time LCD display to indicate how much cleaning time you have left, and flag up any blockages. 

If you've got the cash, the V11 Absolute is a beauty. However, if you can't justify the price of the V11 – but still want Dyson's latest and greatest cleaning tech – take a look at the Dyson V11 Animal instead. It doesn't come with the torque or soft roller cleaner head for hard floors, but you do get a powerful 'direct-drive' cleaner head that's great for removing ground-in dirt from carpets – and it's a cool £100 cheaper. 

best Dyson deals

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4. Dyson Light Ball Multi-Floor deals

One of the cheapest Dyson vacs you can buy

Type: Upright
Weight: 6.9kg
Bin capacity: 1.6L
Cable length: 9.4m
Suction power: 90AW
Accessories: 2
Reasons to buy
+Works well on any surface +Filters keep allergens locked in 
Reasons to avoid
-Heavier than a cordless Dyson

If you're a more upright citizen, the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor vacuum is also excellent value. It's an unusually lightweight upright, and in this type of vac the 'Ball' element really comes into its own. This engineering triumph allows the vacuum to dance its way around corners and angles, and is pleasingly easy on the arm. 

Considerably more affordable than the Big Ball Animal 2, the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor nonetheless offers a great mix of excellent cleaning as an upright vacuum cleaner – its main job – with a side order of handling smaller jobs in a more cylinder vac style, via a choice of accessories that attach to a removable suction tube. 

A simple button system alternates between carpet and hard floor modes, or you can easily pull the suction tube out of the handle of the Light Ball Multi Floor and get stuck into stairs, 'crevices' and miscellaneous surfaces. It's also quiet and energy efficient. If you have pets the chunkier Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 (below) might be more up your street, but the Light Ball should suit most users just fine.

best cheap Dyson deals

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5. Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 deals

A great cheaper Dyson vacuum for houses with pets

Type: Cylinder
Weight: 7.3kg
Bin Size: 1.5L
Run Time: N/A
Power: 600AW
RRP: £299
Reasons to buy
+Great allergen retention+Picks itself up if knocked over 
Reasons to avoid
-Suction too powerful on some carpets

The Dyson Big Ball Animal 2 is a cylinder vacuum cleaner that's damn good at doing what it’s designed to do – rid the abode of household detritus with maximum effectiveness and consummate ease. Stable, powerful and designed to spring back up should it ever fall over, this is a textbook cylinder cleaner with some very handy additional heads. It’s also easy to pull around and the cord is a whopping 6.5 metres in length, which enables you to clean larger areas without having to change plug sockets. For pet owners, especially, it is quite possibly the Holy Grail of vacuum cleaners, especially when used with the groundbreaking Tangle Free Turbine tool.

best Dyson deals

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6. Dyson 360 Eye deals

Intelligent cleaning – just don’t let it near the stairs

Type: Robot
Weight: 2.44kg
Bin Size: 0.33L
Run Time: 40 minutes
Power: 20AW
RRP: £799.99
Reasons to buy
+Navigates rooms well, avoiding obstacles +Smartphone control
Reasons to avoid
-Small bin capacity; high price-Unable to clean some areas

You don't see many Dyson Eye deals, presumably due to a lack of economies of scale in its production, and the fact that it's the most expensive thing Dyson sells – at least until such time as its cars come online. We reviewed the Dyson 360 Eye when it first came out. It's by no means a perfect device, but if you can live with its rather slow cleaning and habit of getting stuck, it is undeniably among the best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy. It also has an unusually good app (which can also control all Dyson's other connected products), impressive suction and even looks quite good.

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Cheap Dyson deals and offers: hair care

Dyson's latest move has been into grooming products, with the revolutionary Supersonic hair dryer and the brand new, multi-headed Airwrap styling, erm… thing. You won't find many deals on the latter just yet, but there are sometimes discounts to be had on the hairdryer.

cheap Dyson deals

(Image credit: Dyson)

1. Dyson Supersonic deals

The Dyson hairdryer isn't priced cheaply – but there are occasionally offers

Number of Programs/Settings: 3 speed settings, 4 heat settings
Power: 1600W
Cable length: 2.7m
Dimensions: H24.5cm x W7.8cm x D9.7cm
Weight: 0.66kg
RRP: £299
Reasons to buy
+Very powerful+Light and easy to use+Great, magnetic accessories
Reasons to avoid
-Deals are rare

It’s a rare product that brings genuine innovation to an established category, but the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer did exactly. Built with a powerful V9 digital motor, and sporting Dyson's innovative multiplier technology, the Dyson Supersonic produces high-velocity controlled air for fast, controlled drying. In fact, Dyson reckons the Supersonic is, 'up to eight times faster' than the current top-selling hair dryers in Japan (the country has a huge market for hair-styling tech, relative to its size) and 'half the weight'. Certainly it virtually halved the drying time for us, compared to our standard, rather cumbersome hair dryer. 

As always, this innovation comes at a price and you won't see many Dyson hairdryer deals that dramatically drop the price. However, there was a Dyson Black Friday deal that cut the cost to £265.99 last year, so prices do come down. You'll see today's cheapest prices above.

cheap Dyson deals

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2. Dyson Smooth + Control Airwrap Styler

Dyson hair care deals are rare – but not unheard of

Model: Dyson AirWrap Smooth+Control
Best for: Frizz-prone hair
RRP: £399.99
Model: Dyson AirWrap Volume+Shape
Best for: For flat, limp hair
RRP: £399.99
Model: Dyson AirWrap Complete
Best for: Various hair types
RRP: £449.99
Reasons to buy
+Creates healthy-looking waves and curls+Boosts volume in fine, limp hair+Dries hair quickly and quietly
Reasons to avoid
-Price rarely drops

Dyson wasn’t wrong when it said the AirWrap Styler was a new way to style hair. It’s the culmination of six years of product development, 103 granted patents and 170 pending patents. That’s a lot of research and investment for a hair styling tool – and it's paid off. 

The Dyson AirWrap is a fantastic multi-tool hair styler for creating a range of looks without having to use several individual hair appliances to achieve the same result. There are three models: the Dyson AirWrap Smooth+Control (for frizz-prone hair) and Dyson AirWrap Volume+Shape (for flat, limp hair) are the cheapest; while the Dyson AirWrap Complete (for various hair types) retails at an extra £100.

As you'd expect, the AirWrap Styler doesn't come cheap. But if there's a deal to be had, you'll see it above...

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Dyson deals: fans, heaters, air purifiers and humidifiers

You're usually off getting the latest Dyson fans, rather than the less expensive, older 'Link' ones. They are better at what they do, and more attractive. However, when the older models are significantly cheaper due to being on sale, they become quite tempting.

cheap Dyson deals and offers

(Image credit: Amazon)

1. Dyson Cool desk fan (AM06)

The cheapest and best Dyson fan for cooling smaller spaces

Type: cooling fan
Format: desk
Airflow at max setting: 370 l/s
Amp diameter: 300mm
Cord length: 1.8m
Weight: 1.8kg
Reasons to buy
+Easy to tilt and move around+Small, powerful, quiet +Energy efficient
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t purify air

The Dyson Cool desk fan is engineered for smaller spaces, and works well to cool a bedroom or small space. Despite its size, it’s an effective fan – it uses Dyson’s Air Multiplier technology, which makes the initial airflow up to 15 times more powerful. Plus, the Dyson Cool desk fan uses 40 per cent less energy than the previous version of this Dyson desk fan (the AM01), and it’s 75 per cent quieter too. If you want an air purifier too, you'll need to look elsewhere. But at £249, it’s the best of the 'cheaper' Dyson fans on the market.

best Dyson AM09 deals

(Image credit: Dyson)

2. Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater (AM09)

The cheapest Dyson fan for cooling and heating

Type of fan: heating, cooling
Format: desk
Airflow at max setting: 186 l/s
Amp diameter: 153mm
Cord length: 1.8m
Weight: 2.68kg
RRP: £400
Reasons to buy
+Heats and cools+Jet focus gives concentrated blasts+Precise temperature control 
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn’t purify air

The Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Focus fan (AM09) is capable of heating and cooling a room – but it won’t purify the air, which means it’s £150 cheaper than the Pure Hot + Cool model below. The jet focus concentrates air flow to give a strong burst when you need immediate heating or cooling – and of course, it comes with Air Multiplier tech, so you’re free from choppy air. It's been around for a while now (since 2015), which means there are now often Dyson Hot + Cool deals that drop the price by a good £50.

cheap Dyson deals

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3. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifying fan heater

Want heating, cooling and air purification too? You'll need the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool

Type: purifying fan heater
Airflow at max setting: 290 l/s
Oscillation angle: 350 degrees
Cord length: 1.8m
Weight: 4.98kg
Sound level: 62dB
Reasons to buy
+Heats and purifies too+Oscillates 350 degrees +Voice control via Alexa
Reasons to avoid

The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifying fan heater isn't cheap. But, when it comes to value, this is the best Dyson fan you can buy because it works all year round. It cools the air during the summer, heats during winter, and purifies all year round. Plus, it can turn 350 degrees, has voice control via Alexa, and it pairs with the Link app to report on air quality. If you're looking for year-round performance, it doesn't get much better than this all-in-one Dyson fan/purifier/heater. 

cheap Dyson deals

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4. Dyson Humidifier Fan (AM10)

A super-quiet humidifier that kills germs while cooling you

Type: humidifier fan
Format: desk
Airflow at max setting: 460 l/s
Amp diameter: 240mm
Cord length: 2m
Weight: 3.4kg
Reasons to buy
+Quiet and kills germs+Cools as well as humidifies+Can be used for up to 18 hours
Reasons to avoid
-Fiddly to refill and clean

Dyson’s Humidifier fan was the first humidifier to be awarded the Quiet Mark by the Noise Abatement Society. It cools and hydrates – very quietly – and comes with UV light technology, which kills germs and keeps the air hygienic, too. It will work evenly in large rooms, and can run for up to 18 hours at a go. If you experience respiratory symptoms in the summer months when the air contains more allergens, or dry skin or airways when there’s less moisture in the air (which can happen both in summer or winter), this humidifying Dyson fan is well worth considering. 

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The best Dyson sales in 2019

Prefer to browse the discounts yourself? Here are the biggest Dyson sales you need to know about. 

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Dyson model variations: what you need to know

This can be a touch confusing, but we'll try to explain as best we can... 

Animal models (or ones with no suffix) come with a motorised head for floors, a smaller motorised head for upholstery, stairs etc – both of these are good for getting rid of pet hairs but are also useful to non-pet owners. The other tools are the essential extension pole so it's not just a handheld, a combi tool for general handheld cleaning, a crevice tool and a brush tool for dusting – this one seems entirely superfluous due to the presence of the combi tool, but there it is.

Absolute models are exactly the same but add an excellent spongey, motorised head specifically for doing hard floors.

Total Clean bundles include an extra flexible crevice tool and attachment for cleaning the tops of cupboards from below with – both quite handy but hardly essential.

Pro models are exactly the same as Absolute ones, but exclusive to Dyson and in different colours (!)

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