Best Buy's 50% off student discount on this HP Chromebook is unreal!

Grab a solid Chromebook for school on sale cheap for only $300

hp 2-in-1 chromebook tablet deal
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With Back to School sales gearing up over the next few weeks, it's not necessarily difficult to find yourself a good deal on a laptop. Heck, some of the best student laptops are at their cheapest right now thanks to the many student discount sales and savings events happening at the moment.

But if you haven't had a chance to check out the Best Buy Back to School sale and its selection of student laptop deals just yet, then I may have just found the offer you've been looking for.

Save $300 on the HP 11" Touch-Screen Chromebook Tablet at Best Buy

On sale for the lowest price I've seen it in some time, the HP 11" Touch-Screen Chromebook Tablet is an incredible deal at just $299.99 during the sale. The standard price tag of $599.99 is fair enough given what this machine is capable of for the price, but take 50% off and you've got yourself a must-buy Chromebook.

Offering some of the best Chromebooks for the money, HP machines are capable little laptops suited perfectly for academics looking to stick to a budget for the school year. The price tags are often very fair for what the machine offers, but the specs under the hood usually surpass Chromebooks within the same price range.

But what makes this Chromebook in particular such a value is not only the price, but the versatility this thing offers. As essentially a 2-in-1 Chromebook and tablet, you get an ultra portable yet powerful little machine that handles schoolwork with ease.

Jump on classes via the built-in 5 megapixel webcam with built-in mic, sit in on class and never miss a detail with the high resolution 2160x1440p FHD screen, and more all with exceptional life thanks to the Lithium-Ion battery it runs off of.

hp chromebook 2-in1 tablet night teal

(Image credit: HP)

Coupled with a responsive touch screen and stylus an detachable keyboard, this Chromebook is a solid choice for students on their way back to class.

Its compact, it's lightweight, and it's powerful. Everything a student should be looking for right now, and even better – it's only $299.99 thanks to the 50% off student discount Best Buy has on it.

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