Best Black Friday Sonos deals from the Roam to the Arc

Sonos speakers offer some great audio but Black Friday deals help make these wonderful speakers sound more affordable

Sonos Black Friday Deals
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Looking for the Audio upgrade that only Sonos can provide? These Black Friday Sonos deals will help you get single speakers and speaker sets for less. Sonos speakers are among the best Bluetooth speakers on the market, and they command a high price to get that level of performance. Since the best Black Friday deals tend to cut a significant amount of the price of premium products, Sonos is a prime target.

We’ve rounded up our favorite Sonos products and all the Black Friday deals we can find on them. If you want a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can snag the Sonos Move or Sonos Roam. Need a soundbar? The Sonos Beam or Sonos Arc will get you covered. Need a smart speaker with top-notch audio? The Sonos One is a beast. Getting multiple Sonos speakers will often let you do even more impressive things with your audio, as many of Sonos’ speakers can work together to offer synchronized audio for a much fuller sound.

If you’re ready to upgrade your audio, check out these Sonos deals we’ve rounded up below.



Sonos One
The Sonos One is a powerful but compact speaker. You can grab a pair of them and turn them into an excellent little stereo setup or run them as rear satellite speakers in a surround sound setup. If you’re after a smart speaker, the onboard digital assistant can answer your questions, play your favorite tunes, or schedule up reminders. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you some flexibility. 


Sonos Beam
For a tidy speaker setup in front of your TV, you can grab the Sonos Beam soundbar. This will get you up and running with stereo audio that feels surprisingly big for how small the speaker is. The second-generation model brings Dolby Atmos to the mix, and eARC support, so if these are important to you make sure you get the newer version. However, there are more deals to be had on the original right now. 


Sonos Arc
The Sonos Arc is a more premium soundbar. It may look like a simple soundbar, but it’s packing a powerful and sophisticated array of 11 speakers to pump out a ton of sound and create a life-like ambiance through Dolby Atmos. You won’t need a complicated setup with this soundbar in your media center, so it helps justify its high price tag. A Black Friday discount won’t hurt though.


Sonos Roam
For that Sonos sound but extra portability, you’ll want the Sonos Roam. This speaker is both a Bluetooth speaker for easy pairing with your phone on the go, but it’s also a Wi-Fi speaker that can play audio back with the rest of the speakers in your Sonos system. It’s got an impressive sound for its size, and it’s ready to handle a little sand and water if you take it on an adventure.


Sonos Move
Sonos has another portable Bluetooth speaker with the Sonos Move. This model also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, letting you enjoy it outdoors and at home, plus you can use Apple AirPlay, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant with it. It’s a bit bigger than a lot of other portable Bluetooth speakers, but it has excellent sound and is well ruggedized.


Amazon Sonos Deals

Amazon Sonos Deals
Amazon is home to a ton of great Black Friday deals, and you can find an assortment of Sonos speakers available. You can also easily save a bit more by going with used or renewed models.

Walmart Sonos Deals

Walmart Sonos Deals
Walmart’s Black Friday deals are as competitive as they come, and with the high prices that come with Sonos’ premium speakers, every discount you can get will help.

Best Buy Sonos Deals

Best Buy Sonos Deals
Best Buy has the Black Friday deals to get your home theater leveled up. You can pick up some Sonos speakers to go with a new TV, or look for them as part of a bundle.

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