Best Black Friday MacBook sales & deals

Here are the best MacBook deals available today and the best US and UK retailers to shop them from this Black Friday

Black Friday MacBook sales & deals
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If you’re looking for a new laptop, the Black Friday deals are the ideal place to look. Laptops are one of the most discounted products during this time of year, especially Apple devices like the MacBook. 

Apple makes some of the best laptops, desktops and phones on the market today, so if you’re in need of an upgrade on any of these, take a look at Apple. In particular, Apple MacBooks are fast, reliable and easy to use. Whether you need it for work, home or studying, the MacBook has all your needs covered. 

If you’re unsure what MacBook to pick (the different sizes and Pro and Air names can be a bit confusing), we’ve run through the four types of Apple MacBook you can buy. We predict they’ll be high in demand and quick to go this Black Friday, so we’ve highlighted the best deals and the best US and UK retailers to shop for them.

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MacBook Air
The MacBook Air is the thinnest, lightest notebook that runs on and is supercharged on the Apple M1 chip. It has an incredible amount of power, speed and battery life. The Air comes with 8GB of RAM which offers a lot of storage space. If your workload is quite heavy, the Air has a silent fanless design that runs quietly and keeps the laptop cool.

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MacBook Pro 13”
The MacBook Pro 13” runs on an M1 chip, like the Air, and the 13-inch screen is bright, wide and is great for photos and videos. It also comes with a touch bar second screen which has extra shortcuts and tools for easier editing and control. It’s a handy laptop that looks good and is easy to take with you anywhere.

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MacBook Pro 14”
The next size up on the MacBook Pro is the 14-inch. The 14” screen has a liquid retina XDR display and runs on the M1 Pro chip or the M1 Max chip. The Pro 14” has a great amount of storage and battery life (better than the 13”). The wide colour screen has a great FaceTime HD camera and the keyboard is backlit and has touch ID.

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MacBook Pro 16”
The biggest MacBook Pro size is 16-inches and unsurprisingly, is one of the best MacBook models. Larger than the MacBook Air, the Pro 16” has a high resolution and 25% more brightness. With lots of power available, the Pro 16” has plenty of USB ports, a high-fidelity six-speaker sound system and wide stereo sound.

Top US retailers 

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Amazon US MacBook deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon US is a great location for Apple deals, like MacBook Air and Pro. With multiple buying options (including pre-used and renewed), Amazon US helps you find the best deal on whatever you need.
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Walmart MacBook deals (opens in new tab)
Walmart has great deals on laptops including Apple MacBooks. Their prices are extremely competitive and there are currently over 1000 MacBooks available on their website, so you’re guaranteed to find what you want this Black Friday.
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Best Buy MacBook deals (opens in new tab)
If you’re looking for a good and competitive price on MacBooks, Best Buy is worth a look. In addition to their Black Friday deals, Best Buy offers price match guarantees so it’s a key retailer to look at this year to save even more money.
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Top UK retailers 

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Amazon UK MacBook deals (opens in new tab)
Amazon is the go-to retailer for tech, electronics and more, whether it’s in their daily deals or on Black Friday. MacBook Air and Pro are predicted to be discounted and sell out quickly. P.S. Amazon is starting their deals a month early, so keep an eye out this month for more.
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Currys MacBook deals (opens in new tab)
The Currys Black Friday is right around the corner and it’s promising big cash savings across their range of tech deals, like Apple products. Currys also offers a ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’ deal so you can get the device you want and worry about paying later.
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(opens in new tab) MacBook deals (opens in new tab) has great results for Apple MacBooks, on the Air, Pro and different sizes and colours. also offers a 24 month installment plan and you can get Microsoft 365 at half price with MacBook products.
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