Best Black Friday deals on monitors for MacBook Pro

Here's where to find the best Black Friday 2021 deals on MacBook Pro monitors, from high-quality budget displays to pro-level screens.

Black Friday deals on monitors for MacBook pros
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MacBook Pros are fantastic computers with amazing creative capabilities, but sometimes the screens are just too small, which is why many of their devoted users seek out the best Black Friday deals on monitors.

The best monitors for MacBook Pro in 2021 need to include USB-C as an option, so you're able to connect power and data over a single cable, which is cleaner and makes it easy to unplug and go when you need to. They also should resemble the actual MacBook Pro's picture quality, so that switching from one to the other is seamless and not distracting.

There's a wide range of other considerations, too, such as MacBook Pro monitors for home working, ultimate pixel-level detail, ultrawide for extra tool space, ergonomic adjustment options and much more.

There are monitors for every use and need, and some screens with specific features that are designed just for MacBooks. Here we've searched around and found the best Black Friday monitors for MacBook Pro deals.

Black Friday deals on monitors for MacBook Pro quick links

Best Black Friday deals on monitors for MacBook Pro

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Dell UltraSharp U2720Q
This monitor is a perfect pairing with your MacBook Pro. Its detailed 4K, 27-inch display is beautifully sharp and offers P3 wide color support. The Dell U2720Q has height, tilt, pivot and swivel ergonomic adjustments. You can connect to it over USB-C, providing all power, video and data needs – and it delivers up to 90W of power, enough to keep a 16-inch MacBook Pro charged even while running at full pelt. There are three more USB 3.0 ports onboard, along with a second USB-C port, so it's great as a dock for accessories, as well as a display.

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ViewSonic VP2458
If you just need a bigger working space than your MacBook Pro provides, and aren't worried about fancy features, then this is the monitor for you. The 24-inch ViewSonic offers adjustable height and angle to get the perfect comfort level for working. It has good color accuracy and 1080p is a perfectly serviceable resolution at this size. You'll need an adapter cable for a newer MacBook Pro, because it has HDMI and DisplayPort connections, rather than USB-C or Thunderbolt 3. Though the VP2458 is less bright than higher-end monitors, it's just fine for working. This is the best MacBook Pro monitor at a less premium price.

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MSI Prestige PS341WU
If you want a monitor with the same dazzle and ambition as an Apple screen, this 34-inch model is our pick. Its average brightness is close to the MacBook Pro's, and it can handle HDR video from compatible sources. It also supports 98% of the P3 color gamut, so is an ideal match for the MacBook Pro. Oh, and it's ultrawide, offering better-than-4K resolution, so, for productivity, this can't be beaten. You've got full ergonomic control with tilt, pivot, height and swivel, and USB-C connectivity makes it easy to dock and undock with. It's large, fairly expensive and doesn't offer Thunderbolt hub connections, but it's still the best ultrawide MacBook Pro monitor, especially for creatives.

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BenQ PD2705Q
A balance of ergonomics, color accuracy and productivity, this monitor wants to be the center of your work setup. USB-C means a single-cable connection to your MacBook Pro, and four USB ports mean you can use it as a comprehensive hub for accessories. With a KVM built-in, you can connect two different computers to it. The color quality is impressive too, matching what the MacBook Pro gives you. It's also rated for HDR video playback, has 'Pantone Validated' certification, offers every kind of ergonomic adjustment and even has a DisplayPort out connection. The lack of higher resolution at this size might disappoint some, but for accuracy and MacBook Pro-friendliness, the BenQ PD2705Q is a well-specced screen.

Top Retailers

Amazon MacBook Pro monitor deals (opens in new tab)

Amazon MacBook Pro monitor deals
(opens in new tab)You can always count on Amazon for having the best Black Friday deals around, especially when it comes to electronics. And this year, the giant online retailer should be offering customers great discounts on MacBook Pro monitors. We expect many of the top models, including some of the ones listed above, to be on sale.

Best Buy MacBook Pro monitor deals (opens in new tab)

Best Buy MacBook Pro monitor deals
(opens in new tab)Best Buy is among the leading retailers for electronics and offers some of the top Black Friday deals. It should have many great MacBook Pro monitors available and at a discount this year. The retailer also offers free delivery on select products and an extended holiday return period.

Walmart MacBook Pro monitor deals (opens in new tab)

Walmart MacBook Pro monitor deals
(opens in new tab)Black Friday deals abound at Walmart, which means that many of the best MacBook Pro monitors should be on hand and at discounted prices during these big sale events this year.

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