Banish those commuting blues with these electric, off-road rollerblades

Trundle to work in style, if you have a spare $1,400 lying around

Sometimes you just don't have enough energy in the tank to get yourself to work in the morning. We've all been there, and it's in those moments you'd probably like a pair of these battery-powered, off-road ready rollerblades. You read that right, too: they're electric and they've got treads for tackling the occasional bit of uneven ground.

The brainchild of Polish inventor Jack Skopinski, each bespoke boot is fitted with a 350W DC motor that powers the rider forward for up to 12 miles at speeds topping 9 MPH. Controlled by a handy wireless remote, these rollerblades don't use traditional wheels either, instead opting for rubber treads that are ideal for both regular tarmac and off-road excursions.

Each boot measures in at 48cm and each li-ion 26V (7s) 26Ah battery offers a range of 20km at a speed of 15km/h. That's not a huge distance, but if you're skating as normal most of the way and just need an extra boost up that final hill, these rollerblades are ideal.

Of course, cool new technology rarely comes without at a price tag, and these electric rollerblades are no exception. A pair will currently set you back a cool $1,400, but then again you are getting two battery-powered motors and tank-style treads fitted to some rollerblades so you can understand paying a little bit more for the privilege.

Via: EV4

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