Turn your bike's windshield into a heads up display

Samsung's Smart Windshield uses your smartphone to revolutionise navigation

A new design concept from Samsung might be its most exciting yet - an app that uses your smartphone to project information onto the windshield of your bike or scooter. The app would be coupled with a mini projector that shines important navigation data such as traffic updates, maps and more.

Considering how differently a bike's windshield is used in comparison to that of a car, the concept makes a lot of sense, providing the rider with supplementary information without obscuring their view of the road ahead. We actually saw a similar concept presented by GM back in 2010, but the idea never made it off the drawing board. BMW also presented a HUD concept for its bike range, but instead focused on integrating said tech into the rider's visor rather than the windshield.

Samsung's own version is still very much locked into the design stage and may never seen the light of mass consumer production, but it's still one of the smartest ideas we've seen come out of the firm in quite some time. Fingers crossed Samsung find a way to get this concept out onto the market, because we'd use it in a heartbeat.

Via: Samsung YouTube

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