Bang & Olufsen goes back to nature with the Harmonies Collection

Get your pricey speakers in calming green

Bang & Olufsen recently announced a new limited collection of its wireless speaker systems - meet the Harmonies. 

Bang & Olufsen Harmonies are coloured in an earthy organic green, to match the trend of natural tones that is currently sweeping across interior and home design.

Green is Pantone's 2017 Colour of the Year, and is used to connote the symbol of life, prosperity and rejuvenation and instantly creates a subtle sophistication in the home.

The Harmonies Collection is based around a lush and organic "Infantry Green" tone. On the aluminum speakers, Infantry Green will subtly transition from a dark golden tone to an alluring green, depending on the reflections and intensity of light. 

Similarly, the fabrics used in the collection will trick the eye as it appears both green and earthy brown from different angles and in different lighting.

We think it looks great, check out the speaker designs below:

“At Bang & Olufsen we continuously absorb trends, process them and make our own distinct interpretations of them," says Kresten Bjørn Krab-Bjerre, Concept Manager at Bang & Olufsen.

We always strive to create something both new and timeless. In this case, we developed our own tone of green with a monochromatic look through all the different materials, visually tying together the products”.

Apart from the color, nothing else has changed. All speakers are equipped with B&O's multiroom functionalist, and identical sound quality.

The collection encompasses a selection of five of Bang & Olufsen’s multiroom wireless speakers. The prices are listed below:

BeoSound 1: £1,085
BeoSound 2: £1,475
BeoSound 35: £1,595
Beoplay A9: £1,849 - £1,949
Beoplay M5: £529

Find out more from Bang & Olufsen's website.

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