Bang & Olufsen launch an 85-in 4K TV, yours for only £16k

The mega-tele comes with a folding wall-bracket option, just £1k extra...

For those who've just won the lottery, we've got a spiffing new tele to add to your fledgling home cinema set-up...

Bang & Olufsen's kicking it up a gear from its 55-inch Avant tele with the brand new BeoVision Avant 85 - no prizes for guessing, it's 85-inches.

The supersize screen is B&O's biggest TV yet, and promises ultra high definition 4K viewing with glorious B&O-stamped audio in tow.

"BeoVision Avant 85 is a true state-of-the-art product at a competitive price for a television of this size and level of innovation," says Tue Mantoni, B&O's CEO.

"At Bang & Olufsen we are proud of introducing this grand television to a market that is demanding products offering extraordinary home experiences."

And extraordinary the BeoVision 85 most certainly is, offering 'cutting-edge' direct type LED, eight integrated speaker driver units, and a surround sound module.

Three audio channels offer stereo sound plus a centre channel for boosted audio. B&O also reckpons its bass and speech reproduction are top notch.

You'll also be able to extend the sound to a full 7.1 surround set-up through B&O's 'Immaculate Wireless Sound concept.'

For control freaks, there's a dedicated BeoRemote One that B&O says will handle all your A/V goodies like games consoles, DVRs, Apple TV, and more.

Even the Remote looks swish, encased in unibody alumium and designed with one-touch access.

Lest we forget, Bang & Olufsen have also worked out a motorised stand and wall bracket, which means you can have your 85-inch powerhouse on show, or tucked away to 'blend into your home interior.'

Once you decide it's time for tele, one-touch the remote and watch the TV emerge courtesy an elaborate folding mechanism.

When you're done, turn it off and the speakers will re-fold and the TV returns to its nap position.

The TV is available from today exlusively from Bang & Olufsen stores, and is retailing at £16,595 (wowza), remote and all. If you want the fancy wall bracket, expect to fork out a bonus £1,095. Better start saving...