Awesome Mjölnir being forged video has got me hyped for Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder can't come soon enough for me after watching this video

Thor: Love and Thunder
(Image credit: Random Hands)

It's safe to say that Thor: Love and Thunder is going to be one of the very best superhero movies of 2022, and judging by its epic cast and budget it will no doubt deliver in terms of spectacle and entertainment.

And, speaking of Thor, god of thunder and lighting, his iconic weapon Mjölnir has been taken out of the Asgard and brought into the real world in this epic video, which shows the iconic weapon being forged out of an old anvil.

For any fan of Thor or Marvel superhero movies it is a must watch in my opinion, as the finished product is a real war hammer that can reap serious damage. You can watch Mjölnir being forged in the video below.

The Mjölnir war hammer here, as well as the video showing its creation, comes courtesy of seriously talented YouTube channel Random Hands, which is a workshop that is expert in casting and forging. With this expertise the channel make cool new products such as this war hammer, as well as restore old products.

Here at T3 we're super impressed with how the maker has gone about turning an old, worthless anvil into the thunder god's weapon of choice, which in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fiction was forged from the heart of a neutron star. The detailing and finish to the hammer is fantastic and its ability cause damage (if you've got the guns to wield it!) really impressive.

I'm pretty sure Mighty Thor would have no problem smiting their foe du jour with such an impressive weapon, and it's got me seriously hyped for the next instalment in the franchise, which almost certainly will then drop on Disney+. Bring on the thunder!

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