ASUS offers Google Nexus 7 owners £25 voucher if bought before price-cut

Voucher valid at the ASUS online store

Another bonus for Google Nexus 7 owners. Manufacturer ASUS is giving out a £25 voucher for everyone who bought the slate before October 29

Google Nexus 7 manufacturer ASUS has gifted a £25 voucher to those who bought the tablet, prior to the price-cut at the end of October.

The 16GB version of T3 Gadget of the Year was reduced to just £169 (from £199) when Google announced the 32GB slate at the end of October, while the 8GB tablet, (previously priced at £159) disappeared from the range completely.

As thus, ASUS wants to thank those tablet-buyers who jumped on board with the Android Jelly Bean tablet early, with a voucher that can be redeeemed at its online store.

The voucher is only available to those who picked up the tablet through ASUS or from the Google Play Store. Applications must register twith the ASUS Member Site and provide proof of purchase before redeeming the voucher.

The tablet must have been purchased before October 29 and the voucher must be redeemed by 31st December 2012. Get your voucher here.

Via: The Verge