This cheap portable air conditioner deal saves you £150 with delivery tomorrow

With heatwave set to turn Good Friday bad, Appliances Direct is here to save you, with a massive AC saving

Cheap portable air conditioning deal
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In the UK, the temperature is rising – so much so that The Sun (newspaper) has dubbed the coming bank holiday weekend ‘a scorcher’. Yes, the temperature could hit a balmy 21°C. Okay, that’s not exactly Qatar, but if your bedroom tends to trap in heat, it could be enough to make for some unpleasantly hot nights. It also makes you wonder what the thermometer could be pushed to in June or July.

The good news is that you can buy a portable air conditioner right now and get it delivered in time for the ‘scorching’ – not my words; the words of The Sun – weekend. You’ll also be ready to go when things get really heated, later this year (hopefully). 

• Buy Amcor 7000 from Appliances Direct for £220 (opens in new tab) – that's £150 off the normal price, and we know from experience that as the temperature rises, so does Appliances Direct’s pricing on this unit.

• Browse all Appliances Direct portable air conditioning (opens in new tab)

Buy this and you can bid adios to heat wave overheating misery. Yes, as temperatures soar and tempers fray, you'll be laughing; sipping iced cocktails and feeling the kind of cooling, conditioned air normally reserved for four star hotels.

Amcor 7000 £219, was £369 at Appliances Direct
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This 7,000BTU portable air conditioner has casters for easy manoeuvring, and can effortlessly chill a room up to 18m². Most importantly, Appliances Direct can get it to you tomorrow if you order today. Appliances Direct runs this deal every year and usually it lasts until they start flying off the shelves, as the masses start to overheat. So don’t delay, get air con today! 

Why you should buy the Amcor 7000 air conditioner

At a maximum 48dB this slimline air con is fairly quiet, and with 2.2kW of power and 7,000BTU it can cool a fair size room, at speed. A 24-hour timer means you can pre-cool while you're out, too. 

Coming with a remote control and 12-month warranty, this machine is hardly the most gorgeous product ever, but you'll love how cool it makes your bedroom. Anyway, at just H 68 x W31 x D33cm and with wheels on the base, it's easy to hide away somewhere nobody will see it, until the temperatures get fierce again.

This unit has very good reviews on Revoo, which is a site that gets the public to review things, for no money, then sells the results. 

…And some other options for you

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