Apple's vision of the future could arrive very soon

The future might not be far away

Apple Vision Pro
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Back to the Future 2 had us officially entering the future as the year 2015. Now, nine years later, we still don't have hoverboards but If Apple has its way we will be living in the future very soon. 

That's because the Apple Vision Pro headset is set to release next year. First announced at WWDC 23, we got the impression it was still a way away and would be a later 2024 launch, but new rumours suggest that it could in fact be arriving imminently.

Reported by Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, Apple has supposed targeted a January release for the headset, at least internally. Gurman reports that the company has scheduled the first month of the year to train Apple Store employees how to use the headset and customise it for customers. It sounds like it will be a bit of an event to purchase the headset too (as you would expect with the price), Gurman writes that it will only be purchasable by an in-person appointment, presumably where it will be fitted to your needs. 

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Gurman expects the headset will hit store shelves in March but warns that the headset is launching as a US-only product so those in the UK and elsewhere may have to keep waiting.

If it sounds like a lot of effort is being taken to show the Vision Pro in the best light at launch, then you'd be right. This is a seriously big launch for Apple, and they're hoping for another 'iPhone moment'. With such a revolutionary product, if consumers don't have a good first impression, they might decide it's simply not for them, and with a $3500 price tag, good service is the least people will expect.

Desperate to get started with Apple's take on VR? If you have an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max you can already capture spatial video ready to view with a newfound depth on the headset when you get your hands on it.

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