Apple Watch Series 8 redesign might be a little underwhelming

The new model will look just like the Series 7, but with fewer colour options

Apple Watch with watchOS 9
(Image credit: Apple)

What’s this, another Apple Watch Series 8 rumour? Of course it is, and this time we’re hearing the wearable’s design will be the same as the year-old Series 7 when it arrives in September.

This might be a source of disappointment for some Apple Watch fans, but the Series 7 introduced a larger display and fractionally larger case, and Apple doesn’t tend to mess with its smartwatch design all that often.

A flat display and flat-sided case, to match the aesthetic of recent iPhones and iPads, had been rumoured. But now it sounds like Apple is sticking to the Series 7 recipe for another year. At least for the regular Watch, as we’re still not sure what changes the rumoured Watch Series 8 Pro might have.

All of this comes from the Twitter account of an Apple leaker known as ShrimpApplePro. They tweeted: “Design: sadly it’s staying the same as the Series 7 with no design improvement.”

They also added that there will no longer be a titanium option for the “base” watch, and that aluminium colour options will be midnight, starlight, red and silver. If true, this would mean the green and blue colour options of the Series 7 have been removed for the new model.

Above this, the leaker claims Apple will offer a pricier stainless steel version of Watch Series 8 in silver and graphite. They also said their source reports no external changes, at least as far as sensors are concerned – so there might be no new health-tracking tech incorporated with the heart sensor on the case back. It is also claimed that the 41mm and 45mm case size options introduced last year will continue with the Series 8.

An unusual extra bit of info is how the box of the Watch Series 8 will be sealed with a stronger glue, which will damage the box if someone tries to reseal it. Perhaps Apple has had an issue with customers buying a Watch, wearing it then trying to return it while claiming it hasn’t been opened.

Lastly, ShrimpApplePro replied to a question on Twitter about whether the Hermès version of Apple Watch will continue, saying vaguely “working on the next one”.

Apple is expected to reveal the Watch Series 8 alongside the iPhone 14 at a product launch event in September, with both products likely going on sale about 10 days later.

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