Apple Watch Series 6 deal: save £100 now at John Lewis

Update your smartwatch with £100 off the Apple Watch Series 6 from John Lewis

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Looking for a money-saving Apple Watch deal? Smartwatches are one of the newest and biggest fitness crazes, with their incredible ability to monitor your heart rate, track your workout and measure your sleep patterns. With so many smartwatches to choose from – especially from Apple – it’s important to consider which is the right model for you and your lifestyle.

If you’re big into your fitness or just really enjoy the look and feel of a smartwatch, we’d recommend the Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Smartwatch. While it might not be the latest model, it’s still one of the best smartwatches on the market.

John Lewis is currently running a January sale on the Apple Watch Series 6 where you can save £100 on the red version of this model. 

As part of the deael, you can also claim up to 6 months of Apple Fitness+ at no extra cost. That sounds like a great deal to us!

Apple Watch Series 6, GPS, 40mm: was £379, now £279 at John Lewis

Apple Watch Series 6, GPS, 40mm: was £379, now £279 at John Lewis
The red Apple Watch Series 6 GPS Smartwatch is up to 20% faster than its predecessor and has a fantastic range of health features and fitness options. Save £100 on the Apple Watch Series 6 at Amazon today and start achieving your fitness goals. 

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Series 6 

The Apple Watch Series 6 is a GPS model, which lets you take calls, reply to emails and measure your performance from your wrist. The Series 6 uses Apple’s sixth-generation S6 chip which unlocks a fantastic range of performance features, 18-hour battery and always-on display screen. It’s just as fast as the new Series 7 model and features all the same health tech.

The fitness features is where the Series 6 really shows off its skill set. The Series 6 allows you to measure your heart rhythm with the ECG app and your blood oxygen, also known as SpO2 tech. The SpO2 has an all-new red light sensor that monitors the colour of your blood and the level of oxygen in it, and uploads this information to the Apple Health app. You can also track your daily activity, altitude and measure a selection of workouts, including running, cycling, swimming and yoga. For a more in-depth review, read T3’s Apple Watch Series 6 review.

We predict that Apple smartwatches will fly off the shelves this soon and, as they're no longer the latest model, won't be coming back, so if you’re looking for a stylish device that will monitor and track your workouts, the Apple Watch Series 6 is a popular choice. Be quick and save £100 on this model today at John Lewis.

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