Apple Vision Pro 2 could come quicker than expected

Those outside the US haven't even got the first one yet!

Apple Vision Pro
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The Apple Vision Pro is the culmination of years of rumours about Apple's dalliance with VR tech, so it should come as no surprise that now the headset has actually been released, people are already thinking about its successor. Surely with the massive ($3499) cost and incredible tech on offer, it won't be refreshed as much as an iPhone right?  Well that's where you might be wrong. 

According to Apple insider Mark Gurman and his Power On newsletter, we could see a second-generation headset from Apple in as little as 18 months. That might be a little infuriating for those who purchased the first generation, especially outside the US where the headset is still available, but it will give Apple a second chance to rectify some people's initial concerns with the product. 

For a start, the most common worry is the weight of the Vision Pro. It weighs about 650 grams which doesn't sound that bad, but supported on your face many have spoken of discomfort. 

Gurman himself has spoken to several customers who returned the headset with reasons for the refund including the weight, not having a killer app and buggy software. 

Apple Vision Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

The second generation of a product isn't just a chance to refine things but to innovate too. We're hoping to see a greater focus on spatial video and images, especially with talk that all iPhone 16 models could capture the pseudo-3D images. Of course, a lighter weight would be appreciated, as would the ability to pass the headset around without it feeling uncomfortable (fits are currently tailored by Apple for the primary user).

In 18 months' time, the App Store on the Vision Pro will also probably be much further fleshed out, making the use cases of the headset much more obvious. Of course, the majority of those who purchased the Vision Pro are die-hard Apple fans probably just keen to be a part of history and there's no doubt in my mind the first generation of the Apple Vision Pro will be a major collector's item one day. 

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