Apple TV update coming soon that marks the end of an era

Bye-bye iTunes, it was a hell of a ride

Apple TV 4K (2021) Totally Rated
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All things must come to an end and such is the case for the iTunes Store... well, on Apple TV boxes anyway.

Apple will reportedly release its tvOS 17.2 update in the coming week and with it will remove the iTunes Movies and iTunes TV Shows apps from the platform.

Instead, Apple TV 4K and older box owners will be able to rent and purchase films and TV series through the TV app. And any previously acquired content will be solely found there from the moment the new update arrives.

That's no hardship, of course, we've been able to access our own shows and movies from the TV app for a while now, and make purchases from there (on Apple products anyway – you can't through a third-party device as yet). But, if you're used to heading to the iTunes Store for all your video needs, you'll have to adjust your habit soon.

As 9to5Mac points out, those who have already downloaded the beta version of tvOS 17.2 have already seen messages informing them of the switchover. Although the iTunes Store app still exists on iPhone and iPad as things stand. Movies and TV shows are still available to buy or rent there alongside digital music.

Surely it won't be long for that to be shut down too, though, as Apple points people to its own services. To be honest, making it easier to find everything in the one app is no bad thing – Music for music, TV for video.

Change is inevitable and who's against making things more simple?

Certainly, it's my opinion that the latest Apple TV 4K is one of, if not the best, media streamers around, and the simpler the user experience becomes, the more enjoyable it all gets. After all, it's the content we all went to watch, not a myriad of menu screens to access it.

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