Apple pulls HMV app

Retailer says it has been told it won't be reauthorised until music download feature is removed

Apple has pulled the new HMV app just days after its release.

The UK retailer has alleged that Apple has said that it will not re-authorise the app until it removes the ability to download music. The app was approved by Apple only days earlier.

Speaking to the BBC, HMV's chairman Paul McGowan said that he was unable to understand why Apple had changed its mind.

According to HMV's owner Hilco, Apple's bone of contention is that HMV's app allows users to download music. Apple does not allow any app to compete with iTunes when it comes to downloading music.

Apple confirmed to the BBC that the app had been suspended for violating App Store guidelines. It did not refer to the specific guideline HMV's app had broken.

In a statement Hilco said: "HMV stressed that Apple's removal of the app only prevents further iPhone users from downloading the app and those who have already downloaded the app will continue to be able to use the app as before and will not notice any changes to the experience.

“HMV's developers are working around the clock to deliver an updated version of the iOS app for Apple's approval,” the company added.

The retailer also launched an Android version of the app.

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