Apple Original show cancelled just days after series finale

Has Apple got Netflix's itchy trigger finger?

High Desert on Apple TV
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When it comes to cancelling shows before you've even heard of them, Netflix is the king (although maybe Warrior Nun still lives). But it seems that Apple has entered the fray after cancelling one of its original series just 12 days after the finale of its first (and only) series aired.

Apple TV+ comedy series High Desert has officially been cancelled. The show, which starred Patricia Arquette (who is also in the excellent Severance) only finished airing on the 23rd of June, but it won't be returning. 

Although a comedy, the basic premise makes it clear this show also has a darker humour than most aiming to tickle your funny bone. Arquette plays Peggy, a recovering addict who becomes a P.I. with Matt Dillon and Bernadette Peters in an impressive supporting cast. 

High Desert

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Doesn't sound too bad right? The show's reception would agree. While it's not going to trouble the likes of Severance and Ted Lasso to be the best show on Apple TV, a 70% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes as well as an impressive 79% audience score is nothing to sniff it. Of course, streamers like Apple and Netflix don't release traditional ratings so we have no idea if that's the real reason for the cancellation. Indeed it was left to Arquette herself to break fans' hearts and announce there wouldn't be a second instalment.

Apple would be wise not to keep cancelling shows early in their lifespan, the service has taken a more quality over quantity approach and doesn't have the vast library of old favourites that a service like Netflix can fall back on. If you're desperate for a detective fix on Apple TV+, try Slow Horses, it may have a slightly more police drama vibe but the Gary Oldman led police series has a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and still has a streak of dark humour, plus it is confirmed to be returning for a third season.

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