Android Auto and Apple CarPlay’s new feature will ease your range anxiety

Electrify America’s mobile app is being made available from both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making finding a charger in the US that much easier

Electrify America
(Image credit: Electrify America)

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto users can now access the Electrify America app from their dash display. The app gives essential information on the location and availability of Electrify America’s more than 650 charging locations across the US.

Up until now, users had to access the Electrify America app on their phones or manually search for its locations on Google Maps. Now, users can find a charging point along their route, checking the pricing and the number of free chargers at that location. You can also start and end your charge session through the app.

Electrify America’s network of fast chargers already cover the majority of the 48 contiguous states and plans to have over 1,700 locations (with 9,500 chargers) across 49 states and the District of Columbia by 2025.

Electrify America chargers

(Image credit: Electrify America)

This is a positive step for both CarPlay and Android Auto, which have both allowed third-party access to their platforms in recent months. However, this addition would work better if it was actually integrated into Google Maps and Apple Maps. Right now it seems you still need to use a separate app to find the charger to the one you are using for directions.

Tesla’s mapping system has the advantage of showing the locations of its Superchargers along the route and letting you easily plot them into your journey. While this is possible with Google Maps, the process is nowhere near as smooth.

Google and Apple both offer a gas station quick link in their ‘add a stop’ function but not for electric chargers. Perhaps we will see an update for this to be interchangeable for charging stations in future updates.

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