Apple Arcade gets a huge upgrade with 32 new games

With a new drop of games, Apple Arcade is giving more bang for your buck

Apple Arcade games
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Apple Arcade just got a lot more fun thanks to a massive addition of games on Friday. When the platform first launched in 2019 it offered just over 100 games for its $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$7.99 a month subscription fee. After this latest addition of games, the number now stands at over 180.

Among the 32 new games added are NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition, Star Trek: Legends, FANTASIAN, Cut the Rope Remastered, BADLAND+ and Really Bad Chess+. And the good news is the price remains the same, with free family sharing for up to six people.

The full game selection includes a range of Apple Arcade originals, arcade versions of popular App Store games and timeless classics, such as Sudoku, Checkers and Backgammon. The beauty of the service is that it works across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, so you can pick where you like to play, or change it up based on your mood.

Apple Arcade games

Star Trek: Legends

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NBA 2K21 Arcade is one of the biggest titles to join Apple Arcade to date. This full-blown basketball title sees some ultra-real graphics that feel just like the console versions, thanks to a new graphics engine.  Choose from quick matches, multi-player games or the MyCAREER mode to build your skills.

Star Trek: Legends includes your favorite Star Trek good guys and bad guys from all of the shows in a team-based RPG. You take command of the USS Artemis as it enters the mysterious Nexus dimension. Assemble a team from characters such as Spock, Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Janeway, Data and Burnham, command the bridge and use your players’ skills to help battle the enemy and solve the missions.  

Fantasian is an adventure RPG from the creator of Final Fantasy. In a realm governed by machines the balance of chaos and order is threatened. You play Leo, who after a massive explosion finds himself lost in a strange land with only one memory. You must reclaim his memories and solve the mysteries of the mechanical infection.

Apple Arcade games

Really Bad Chess

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Cut the Rope Remastered is a new take on the classic with a new 3D look. Cut the ropes, avoid the obstacles and use the boosters to deliver candy to Om Nom for his birthday party. Still as addictive as ever but looking brand new.

Badland+ is a beautifully animated side-scrolling adventure and sees the classic App Store game bought back to life for this arcade edition. Play in single-player or multi-player modes through forests, trees and flowers, avoiding obstacles and traps along the way.

Really Bad Chess puts an interesting spin on the classic game by completely randomizing the pieces. You could end up with four queens, four bishops or a whole load of pawns. The mix up keeps things interesting for those who are bored of the regular game or just fancy a new challenge.

Apple Arcade is available on Apple TV, Mac, iPad and iPhone now, priced $4.99 / £4.99 / AU$7.99 per month.

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