An electric Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is coming – and you might love the price

The Mercedes Benz EQG concept is a decidedly futuristic take on the fashionable G-Wagon

The Mercedes Benz EQG in silver on a platform
(Image credit: Mercedes Benz)

If you find yourself with a stack of cash to blow on a really nice car, it's safe to say you have a lot of options. You could get the svelte lines of a nice Ferrari or Lamborghini, or take in luxury saloons from Mercedes or BMW.

Despite that, the Mercedes G-Wagon remains a popular choice. It's an unlikely hero, with the kind of blocky side profile that a child drawing a car might dream up. But popular it remains, striking a chord with everyone from rappers and footballers to businesspeople.

Now, news has re-emerged of an EV variant. It's not a new concept, having first been shown off at IAA in 2021. But at the same show this past weekend, company CEO, Ola Kallenius, did confirm once more that the model is coming. 

The futuristic Mercedes Benz EQG concept takes the square-framed G-Wagon and fuels it with an electric drivetrain, for emission-free motoring. Kallenius was jubilant about the driving experience, which is expected to be fun, with all-wheel drive widely rumoured to be employed.

Interestingly, there are also said to be two sizes coming. One will be based on the full-size G-Class, while a second, slimmed-down variant is also expected. The full-sized model could be here as early as next year, though the smaller one isn't expected to enter the fray until 2026.

But perhaps the most interesting part is the rumoured pricing. With the current G-Class line-up, prices in the UK start from just over £130,000. That is no small change.

But rumours have suggested that the electric variants may be less expensive – possibly even significantly so. That would be a very attractive proposition. As mentioned, the G-Class has a passionate fanbase, and opening it up to other price points would help more of them to own a car from the range.

There is no guaranteed – or even rumoured – pricing which has been heard specifically, but we could make some educated guesses based on the market. German rivals Audi and BMW both have electric SUVs available in the £50-60k range.

While it might be a tall ask to bring a G-Class to market at that price, edging closer to it must surely be the aim for Mercedes. If I had to wager a guess, I'd expect it somewhere in the £80-90k range – cheaper, but still showcasing itself as a premium vehicle.

For now, though, that's all speculation. We'll have to wait for an official unveiling for more details. But it's certainly one to keep an eye on – particularly if you have a soft spot for that G-Wagon styling.

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