Amazon's new Emma Roberts movie trailer has everyone saying the same thing

Space Cadet looks so bad it's... good?

Space Cadet
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Amazon's latest movie trailer has everyone reacting the same way, despite starring a huge name and featuring a fun enough premise.

Space Cadet stars Emma Roberts as Tiffany “Rex” Simpson, a woman who's always dreamed of going into space, but hasn't done anything whatsoever to make that happen. When she fakes a CV, though, things change in a big way. 

The trailer (which you can watch below) makes it clear that she'll bungle her way onto a training course as the only party girl in a group of dour scientists and serious soldiers, attempting to bluff her way through to get in an actual shuttle. 

Space Cadet - Official Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube Space Cadet - Official Trailer | Prime Video - YouTube
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It's a silly premise but a potentially fun one, and Amazon is bringing the movie out really soon – it starts streaming on Prime Video on 4 July, making this an Independence Day option. That said, though, it's worth heading to the comments section of the trailer's YouTube upload to see how people are feeling about Space Cadet

There's no getting around it – the movie is taking a beating already, with people lambasting its trailer without holding back. One such withering comment on YouTube says: "This looks utterly unwatchable".

Another person wrote a longer, equally disdainful query: "Wow... this looks like a fake trailer.  Who greenlit this?! How did the pitch meeting get past the opening idea?!... ugh."

So, it's safe to say that people think Space Cadet looks a bit underbaked, but this year has already proven that there's still such a thing as a movie that's "so bad it's good". After all, Madame Web was derided critically but has become a streaming hit on Netflix thanks to its cheesy weirdness. This hasn't necessarily started a race to be the best streaming service for bad movies, but it still demonstrates that things can be topsy-turvy. 

With Atlas topping Netflix's charts for weeks, too, despite a shocking Rotten Tomatoes score, there's clearly room for cheesy, less serious movies, and Space Cadet clearly aims to be one of those. That it's actually aiming for laughs, instead of inadvertently providing them, could play into its hand, too. We'll find out in July, but with everyone saying the same thing it's not looking optimum right now...

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