Amazon's Halo fitness band now improves your workouts with new heart rate data sharing

Wearable fitness tracker can now share live heart rate data

Amazon Halo Band
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From today, Amazon’s wearable fitness tracker, Halo, will let you share your live heart rate information with supported third-party devices and fitness apps.

The smart fitness tracker will do this over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), with the company currently partnered up with fitness equipment manufacturer NordicTrack, as well as Openfit and CLMBR.

Amazon’s Halo fitness band is the company's wristband wearable that tracks and records anything ranging from exercise, body fat composition and sleep quality. And that's not all: Halo also records your live heart rate data, as well, which users can now choose to share with third-party partners. 

Fitness fanatics will be pleased with the new functionality, now able to transfer your live Halo-detected heart rate to a compatible fitness app. Central to this move is Amazon's desire to make the Halo as multi-purpose as possible, appealing to a broad range of fitness demographics, each with its own needs and goals. Live heart rate detection is a vital tool no matter what fitness activity you partake in. Presumably, the company sees this as a shrewd maneuver to tap into people's interests (and pulses). 

Halo Band with live heart rate info overlaid

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Fans of Amazon's Halo fitness device often tout its innovative form factor, with its sensor module nestled inconspicuously behind the woven fabric band. Amazon keeps this sleek wearable simple, shipping it three colors, plus additional silicon options for users to choose from. However, it's still yet to make its mark amongst our best fitness tracker rundown, but maybe the ability to share live heart rate info with partners could improve its popularity and performance.  

By incrementally increasing the versatility of the Halo fitness, Amazon keeps adding to the band's versatility little by little. One day, maybe, it could compete with Apple, though the band is still a long way off something like, say, the Apple Watch Series 6, which brings bags of functionality to the table and is our best smartwatch.

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