Oppo unveils next-gen under-display selfie camera technology

Oppo uses proprietary under-screen technology

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Oppo has today unveiled its newest under-display camera tech, along with an image to show how the thing actually might look.

Android maker Oppo has still yet to actually ship a handset with an under-screen camera, having already announced several versions of how one might look and work, but stopping short of releasing a working model, as of yet. 


(Image credit: Oppo)

According to Oppo (via Weibo), the new tech fuses the “best in hardware innovation and Oppo’s proprietary AI algorithms” to produce a working under-screen camera solution for the selfie lens. Remember that this is the phone manufacturer's third go at conceptualizing an under-screen camera, first debuting a sample design way back in June 2019, and publicizing other design prototypes in between then.

Because of the combination of AI algorithms and hardware advances, Oppo says that users should detect "almost no visual difference" between the area of the screen where the camera sits and the remaining portion of the display. This creates a seamless effect on the screen, with Oppo showing off a sample displaying a black-and-white eBook app filling up the entire screen, as a way to support its claim. 


Black-and-white eBook app

(Image credit: Oppo)

As far as the eBook press image is concerned, it certainly feels like just that: a press image. We'd be interested to see a working prototype that utilizes the technology to its full operative purpose, especially as this year is likely to feature several brands rolling out their own under-screen cameras. 

Oppo hasn't officially announced when it intends to roll out a phone with an under-screen camera, but it will face tough competition when it does decide to do so. Chinese phone producer Xiaomi looks set to use the innovative under-screen tech situated in the bezel of its smartphones, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is rumored to feature an under-display camera when it eventually ships.

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