Star Wars Battlefront could be delivered to your door within two hours of its midnight launch

Amazon Prime Now wants to end those midnight games queues

Amazon Prime is already a fantastic package for the TV junkie, music-lovers and shoppers. Now it could also prove the best bet for the hardcore gamer too.

Starting with the release of Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow Amazon Prime Now is offering special release night deliveries. You'll no longer have to go stand in line outside your nearest game store to get the earliest access to your long-awaited new game.

So long as you place your order between 10pm and 11.45pm tonight Amazon will deliver your copy of Star Wars Battlefront between 12am and 2am on November 19, the date of launch.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, if you live outside of Birmingham or London then yes it is. Amazon's Prime Now two hour delivery service is only operating in post codes around England's two largest cities.

That does though also include Coventry, Dudley and Wolverhampton.

Post code lottery

If you're not sure if you lie within those two catchment areas then you can check out to see if your post code matches.

We're all smug because our London office does...

If you live in the right areas then all you need to do is grab the Prime Now application (on either Android or iOS) which will allow you to make your speedy special release purchase.

Though Amazon does stress that you ought to get in early after pre-ordering opens at 10pm because capacity is going to be limited. Though you will also be able to order extra supplies to keep you going through the early hours of the new Star Wars game, including drinks, snacks, controllers or headsets.

And the cost of this extra service? Why, it's free to you, Mr. Prime Member.