Amazon Lego deals! Save up to 41% TODAY ONLY on great sets including Technic, Ninjago, Marvel and more

Amazon's latest Lego deals include some of our favourite sets, and also a large ship, amusingly

Lego deals
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You can save up to 41% on some of the best Lego sets right now at Amazon UK, ranging from perfect kids' playsets right up to elite and elaborate builds for adults. Our guide to the best Lego deals hasn't had much to go on so far this year, but there's some really tempting stuff here.

You can browse for the Lego deals you want on Amazon UK directly at this link, but we'll pick out some of our favourite offers just below if you want specific guidance. But be warned that some of these deals end at midnight GMT, March 26th 2021.

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There are sets across a really broad price range there, from cheap little treats way up to some of the most technical Technic builds with thousands of pieces. They also cover ranges from kid-friendly stuff up to display pieces for your desk or shelves.

We've had some great spring weather already, but we all know it can't keep up forever – now's a good time to invest in a set to work on when the weekends end up rainy.


LEGO 60266 City Ocean Exploration Ship | Now £73.99 | Was £124.99 | Save 41% at Amazon UK
We're not sure if someone's having a fun joke by including this large ship in the sale right now, but we're into it either way. It really floats when built (unlike certain other ships we could name right now), and comes with eight minifigures, two extra vehicles, some undersea scenery, and just loads of little touches that make it a great playset.


LEGO 21046 Architecture Empire State Building | Now £64.99 | Was £89.99 | Save £25 at Amazon UK
This thing is big and beautiful. 22 inches tall when fully built, it's a gorgeous display piece, and even has scale New York taxis on the street at its base. For the classy, discerning Lego build, this is a perfect way to spend a weekend.


LEGO 42083 Technic Bugatti Chiron | Now £234.99 | Was £329.99 | Save 29% at Amazon UK
Always a big hit during Lego sales, on account of it being AMAZING, this is one of the most elaborate builds currently available. It's 3,600 pieces of stunning design, and includes a working gearbox, moving engine pistons, detailed interior, moving spoiler, working steering and doors, and lots more details.


LEGO 71721 NINJAGO Skull Sorcerer's Dragon | Now £46.99 | Was £74.99 | Save 37% at Amazon UK
It's a big dragon to battle! It's a fort with traps! It's also a board game! This set is all things to all people, but especially for kids who like Ninjago and cool skull dragons. It comes with six minifigures too, making it a great playset overall.


LEGO 76164 Marvel Avengers Iron Man Hulkbuster | Now £24.99 | Was £34.99 | Save 29% at Amazon UK
The hefty Hulkbuster armour and both Iron Man and Rescue battle some AIM agents with a swish heli-jetpack in this set. It seems kind of overkill on the heroes' part, to be honest, but with firing missiles from the Hulkbuster, it's still a very nice set.

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