Forget the Millennium Falcon, this Lego Star Wars AT-AT deal is the one I wanted most

Get up to 22% off one of the best Lego Star Wars sets around

Lego Star Wars AT-AT deal
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One of the biggest deals during Black Friday last year was on the Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon – there was a very healthy discount on the much-loved starship. However, there was actually a different Lego Star Wars set that I had my eye on, but it didn't seem to appear in the sales.

Thankfully, my patience has now paid off as the Lego Star Wars AT-AT building set is now available with up to 22% off on Amazon and it's an amazing purchase for the price.

Now just £149.99 in the UK and £199.20 in the States, the set won't be around long so you have to be quick off the mark. It's also been retired by Lego itself, so when the stock is gone, it's likely gone forever.

Lego Star Wars AT-AT set: was £191.99, now £149.99 at Amazon UK

Lego Star Wars AT-AT set: was £191.99, now £149.99 at Amazon UK
Comprising 1,267 pieces, including six mini figures, is both iconic and an excellent build. It even opens up to carry Snowtroopers.

Lego Star Wars AT-AT set: was $228.06, now $199.20 at Amazon US

Lego Star Wars AT-AT set: was $228.06, now $199.20 at Amazon US
The AT-AT building set was released for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and creates an all-terrain vehicle that measures 13-inches high. It even has room in the back for a speeder bike.

Why buy the Lego Star Wars AT-AT set

While there's a larger collectible version of the Lego Star Wars AT-AT, that costs over £700. This anniversary edition is also more suitable for a wider range of builders, from 10-years old and up.

It comes with six mini figures, including Luke Skywalker, General Veers, two AT-AT drivers and two Snowtroopers. There are also a speeder bike and a winch unit included, the latter of which can be attached to Luke to reenact the scene from Empire Strikes Back.

At 13-inches tall, it will also look just as good on display as it is a great plaything for kids, so this deal is great for Lego fans of all ages.

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