All-in-one Samsung 'bio processor' chip is all about health and fitness

Wearables are set to get streamlined on-board monitoring and tracking capabilities

Samsung has announced its new bio processor is already in mass production and will be, "specifically designed to allow accelerated development of innovative wearable products for consumers who are increasingly monitoring their health and fitness on a daily basis." More importantly, the powerful new chip will keep the power to monitor all your exercise movements without the need for an external processing unit.

The South Korean multinational says this new bit of internal wizardry is the world's first all-in-one chip and will come complete with plenty of new innovations and improvements, including eFlash memory, a microcontroller unity, a digital signal processor and quad Analog Front Ends.

From the looks of it, Samsung is angling this to be the new normal for wearable tech. It will enable such devices to do more than just the standard heart rate monitoring we see these days - the bio processor will provide the ability to track bioelectrical impedance, measure skin temperature and even perform electrocardiograms. In other words, it wants to effectively revolutionise fitness tech in the wearables market and we're more than a little excited to see what the future holds for it.

Via: Samsung

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