Alienware just teased an 18-inch laptop and it sounds incredible

Want big-screen gaming on the go? Forget your 17-inch laptops, Alienware has an 18-incher on the way

Alienware 18-inch teaser
(Image credit: Dell)

Alienware just teased its biggest laptop launch yet. By big, I mean, physically big. The 15-second video clip that just landed on Twitter and Instagram teases the arrival of a new 18-inch gaming laptop

Yes, you read that right, an 18-inch laptop. That's practically a folding TV. Dell had an 18-inch model before (the Alienware 18) which packed an 18.4-inch display along with a top-end (for the time) Core i7 processor and twin GPUs, but today its biggest are the x17 and m17 models. 

It's unclear from the teaser whether the new model will be part of the slimmed-down X-series or the more standard Alienware M models. At this size, I hope that some effort has been made to keep the size and weight of the machine down. However, if this is about pure power and gaming performance, it could be a beast. 

This 18-inch could make for the ultimate gaming machine. That larger display means a more immersive gaming experience and the larger chassis then allows for even more power. I suspect we'll see the top-of-the-line 12th gen Core i9 processors here, or maybe the AMD Ryzen 9 along with some serious GPU power. 

One thing this machine is not going to be is cheap. Alienware's current flagship 17-inch models start around £3k / $3k and can easily reach 5K with customisation. I'd expect starting prices to be similar if slightly higher here, depending on if we're looking at an M or X version. 

If you like to game on the move – and have a sturdy laptop bag – this upcoming 18-inch Alienware could be right up your street. I certainly can't wait to give it a try. 

Mat Gallagher

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