Alcatel Royal Wedding Union Jack Phone unveiled

Alcatel offers Royal Wedding themed phone

Royal Wedding fever spawns its most unusual memorabilia yet - a £15 phone from Alcatel

Some people collect the emblazoned china, some will go and watch it firsthand, but for those of us eager to be reminded of the upcoming Royal Wedding every time we receive a call or text, Alcatel is offering its Special Edition Royal Wedding phone.

Starting off with a basic Alcatel One Touch handset and dressing it in all manner of regal garb, Alcatel has created what must be the must have accessory for both Royalty and stalkers alike. At £14.95, the phone is “great value for money” according to Alcatel and a mere 1494% increase in price from the £0.01 basic grey model.

Whilst some may cynically accuse Alcatel of cashing in on the Royal spectacle, they have undoubtedly laden thehandset with a variety of new and exciting features. Customers can expect to hear the joyous “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn as their ringtone, gaze upon the lovely stock wallpaper of Kate and William between calls and enjoy the patriotic Union Jack fascia even when the phone is switched off.

So if you're feeling patriotic and weighed down by that frustratingly unnecessary £15 in your pocket, be sure to head over to the Carphone Warehouse or Best Buy tomorrow to pick yours up but don't be too surprised if you don't see William there trading in his own phone...

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Via: TechRadar

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