Adobe Creative Cloud users just got a cool free upgrade

Programs like Adobe Lightroom just got updated with new features

Adobe Creative cloud
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Adobe Creative Cloud is a one stop shop for all kinds of creative individuals. From photographers and graphic designers, to filmmakers and animators, Creative Cloud offers software that will help you to get work done and increase your creative output. Pair it with one of the best laptops for design applications and you're all set.

Now, users of the Adobe suite are getting a host of cool upgrades. Announced as part of the Adobe MAX 2022 event, all of Adobe's main software got an update, with a raft of new features to enhance your workflow.

Let's take a look at some of the new features coming to Creative Cloud.

Adobe Lightroom new features

Lightroom is a fantastic software for photo editing, allowing photographers to adjust the composition of their images. In this update it gets new features which enable you to have greater control over your edits, hopefully resulting in better images, too.

Lightroom will use AI to select different parts of an image and create masks to allow you to make edits to only those areas. This includes selecting individual people within a frame, but also individual parts of a person. You'll be able to select features like skin, teeth, eyes or hair, and apply effects and filters to just those parts, with never before seen accuracy.

With Adaptive Presets, you can make single-click enhancements to whole images, or parts of an image. Filters for common actions like whitening teeth and brightening eyes can be applied to whole images, or selected masks.

Selecting objects manually is easier than ever, too. Take the brush tool and roughly outline the object you wish to select, and the AI will take care of the rest. It even takes extra steps to identify what is part of the object and what isn't, to make sure you don't get any random extras in your selection.

Adobe have also created the ability to edit while viewing another image side-by-side in the same window. This allows you to make edits while comparing to a reference, to help you achieve better consistency across your image library.

Adobe Photoshop new features

Photoshop is one of the most recognisable software packages in the Creative Cloud line. This time around, it gets a slew of cool updates that make it easier than ever to manipulate your imagery.

A new one-click delete and fill option enables you to remove an object and intelligently fill the space with appropriate content. It sounds a lot like Magic Eraser on the Google Pixel phones, allowing you to mask background distractions or unwanted peripheral figures.

The Content Aware Fill which replaces the background is powered by Adobe's Sensei AI technology. Sensei has been trained to intelligently select textures for the background. And, if you don't like the content Sensei has selected, simply hit refresh, and the AI will regenerate the background image.

Object selection has also been improved thanks to AI, with better ability to select fine details. This means that selections for things like hair are much better than before.

Other Adobe Creative Cloud new features

Other Adobe software got a boost too. InDesign has also taken advantage of AI, with an auto style functionality that looks to learn your font and size choices and re-apply them throughout your work.

Premiere Pro will take advantage of 2x faster motion graphics, while After Effects sees the benefit of native H.264 encoding, matte layers for Selected Tracks and revamped composition presets, with over 50 new animation presets too.

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