Power walker: Adidas launches female-only TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy shoes

New shoes are specifically designed for the growing community of female hikers

TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy launch
(Image credit: Adidas TERREX)

Adidas is on a mission to create a portfolio of more inclusive performance footwear. After launching the Adidas Ultraboost 22, the first Adidas running shoe designed by women for women, the Herzogenaurach-based sports manufacturer now turned its attention to hikers. The new adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy is specifically designed for the growing community of female hikers.

Informed by women-specific insights and tested alongside one of the largest women-only hiking communities in Europe, the shoe is said to allow female hikers to "connect with nature in comfort." The team at Adidas created a number of potential female-specific lasts and gathered thoughts on these from a selection of members from the Munich Mountain Girls, boasting a community of over 24,000 members.

Adidas claims the group's insight allowed them to assess which placement of cushioning and support provided the most effective hiking experience, as well as track durability between prototypes. Key features include the waterproof RAIN.DRY upper, Continental Rubber outsole for traction in wet and dry conditions and a stretchy collar material and padding for comfort and protection on the trails.

TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy launch

(Image credit: Adidas TERREX)

Launching alongside the adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy is an all-new women-focussed adidas TERREX apparel range. The apparel range is all made in part with recycled materials and features the waterproof Women XPLORIC RAIN RDY. JACKET (RRP £280), the Women MT Full Zip Fleece breathable jacket (RRP £70), Women MT Tee with layered back shoulder seams and a longer back hem drop (RRP £35) and Women MT all-over printed tights.

The adidas TERREX WMN Hiker Mid Rain.Rdy is available to buy now for a recommended retail price of £130 at Adidas and selected retailers. For more info on women's hiking footwear, check out T3's best women's hiking boots and best women's walking shoes guides. To keep your feet dry and comfy, we also recommend having a look at our best hiking socks guide.

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