Add inches to your upper body with this four-move kneeling workout

Work your muscles harder by taking your exercises to the floor

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Whether it’s bicep curls, tricep extensions, or military press, we all know standing exercises are pretty reliable when it comes to adding size to our upper body. But if you fancy switching things up, or have been curling those dumbbells for weeks now and still feel the results are lacking, give this kneeling workout a go. Just grab two dumbbells and make sure there’s a mat or something soft beneath you. 

Curious as to why this workout is done from a kneeling position? Well, Fitness Trainer, Joe Bronston, who put together this workout answers that exact question saying that “it involves more core work”. Many upper body exercises are performed from a standing position, which can provide us with extra momentum to help move weight (such as swinging our entire body or driving through our legs). But, knock the legs out of the equation and the entire emphasis is then placed upon the working muscles. Plus, your core has to work harder to keep you stable, so no need for extra crunches afterward. 

Although there’s only four exercises in this workout, you’ll still hit your triceps, biceps, shoulders and upper back muscles, so it packs a punch. One of the movements is a combination movement, so it combines two exercises into one, so you get a little more bang for your buck. Complete each exercise for the set reps below using a moderate weight; rest for 40-60 seconds between each exercise and for 120 seconds between sets. Repeat three times, here’s the workout:

  • Overhead front raises – 10-12 reps (per arm)
  • Overhead tricep extensions – 10-12 reps
  • Bicep into single arm hammer curl – 10-12 reps 
  • 90 degree lateral raises – 10-12 reps

We hope you enjoyed that and found it slightly different from your regular arm workout. If you fancy banking a similar workout for later in the week, give this five-move floor workout a go to grow your chest muscles, or this superset floor workout which targets your entire upper body (chest included). 

Bryony Firth-Bernard
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