Adam Sandler’s best-ever movie leaves Netflix this month – it's serious stuff

Don't miss Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems
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The most celebrated movie of Adam Sandler's recent career is leaving Netflix very soon in the US, so you've only got a limited amount of time remaining to watch it. 

Uncut Gems features Sandler playing almost completely against type as a gambling grifter who can't stop believing that his next big win is just around the corner.

He bets big on basketball but his gambling doesn't stop there, and the movie has got to be one of the most stress-inducing of all time, as Sandler's character bounces back and forth from failure to failure in a desperate attempt to claw his way back up to the bigtime. 

It's been on Netflix for ages but leaves the service in the US on 8 May, giving you around one week to watch it if you've never seen it, or to rewatch it if you have. 

If you're in need of some persuasion, though, look no further than IMDb, which has the movie out in first place on its own when ranked against every other Adam Sandler movie. Given that he's been in classics like Punch Drunk Love and Happy Gilmore, that's a pretty stellar showing.

Uncut Gems is also noteworthy for the sheer number of pop-culture cameos it pulls in, with appearances from The Weeknd and basketball star Kevin Garnett really helping to sell its real-life credentials. 

It's directed by the Safdie Brothers, whose first studio movie Good Time was also a critical darling, similarly featuring the megastar Robert Pattinson as a low-life struggling to get by. 

With plenty of neon lighting and a grungey aesthetic, Uncut Gems is also a great one to watch if you want to test your home cinema setup. On anything from our list of the best TVs it should look pretty phenomenal, and with a banging soundtrack, you'll want something from our best soundbars roundup to pair with it, too. 

The only important thing to know going into Uncut Gems, though, is that it gets unbelievably stressful – so be sure to watch your heart rate and try to keep everything in perspective as its action ratchets up over time. You've honestly never seen Sandler like this before. 

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