This cheap exercise bike deal gets you 50% off the Pro Fitness Exercise Bike at Argos

Get the Pro Fitness Folding Exercise Bike for half price at Argos and complete your home gym setup

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We’re into the first week of January, and inevitably, many new year’s resolutions will be to get fitter or lose weight. Due to this, we’re seeing lots of deals and discounts on exercise machines, like the Pro Fitness Folding Exercise Bike, which is currently half price at Argos.

Overindulging during Christmas is definitely the reason for the rise in people signing up to the gym or making their own home gyms. If you want to freshen up your fitness routine, check out our best fitness new year’s resolution ideas to crush your exercise goals.

If you’re looking to start your own home gym or update your current one with a new piece of equipment, this folding exercise bike deal from Argos is the perfect machine to invest in. To get the Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding Exercise Bike for just £79.99, click the link above or carry on reading for all the details on this clever machine.

Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding Exercise Bike: was £159.99, now £79.99 at Argos

Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding Exercise Bike: was £159.99, now £79.99 at Argos
Rated by T3 as one of the best exercise bikes on the market, the Pro Fitness FEB2000 Folding Exercise Bike is a sturdy bike with a built-in backrest, ideal for riders who need extra back support.

Why you should buy the Pro Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

During the festive break, a lot of food and drink was consumed and not a lot of movement was done! While we shouldn’t feel guilty or that we need to get back into shape, working out and exercising is a big part of January. If you’re still steering clear of gyms or you prefer to work out at home, a strong piece of exercise equipment is a great way to achieve your fitness goals in the new year.

The Pro Fitness Folding Exercise Bike is a good machine at an affordable price. It features a battery-powered LCD console and screen that shows the rider their progress and useful data, like pulse, distance, speed, calories burned and time. The seat can be adjusted for all heights and weights and offers great back support. The seat also has 8 different levels of tension so you can build up your cardio and fitness level. The handgrips have pulse sensors to easily monitor your heart rate during your workouts.

The Pro Fitness Folding Exercise Bike has a 3kg precision-balanced flywheel which gives a smooth quiet ride. This makes the bike a great option for small spaces or flats as you’re not disturbing the people below or near you with too much noise. The exercise bike tidily folds up for easy storage, so it’s the perfect piece of equipment for your home or even office. If you have a permanent home gym, you can keep it out all the time but if you have minimal space, you can pack it away easily.

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