A Lego Polaroid Camera set is coming that could be the best adult build of 2024

New Lego Ideas set leaked by Polish retailer

Lego Polaroid Camera set
(Image credit: Jay's Brick Blog / Lego)

Lego is a rare breed of toy brand – one that appeals as equally to adults as it does kids. That's in no small part thanks to some amazing builds available in its Lego Ideas range, which often capitalise on fond memories held by its audience.

The Lego Atari 2600 is a particular favourite, along with the Nintendo Entertainment System and Pac-Man Arcade Machine. And who can forget the Stranger Things and Home Alone houses?

Now there's a new set on the horizon that's steeped in 70s and 80s nostalgia as it almost perfectly apes a Polaroid Instant Camera from the period.

Lego Polaroid Camera set

(Image credit: Jay's Brick Blog / Lego)

Not officially announced as yet, the Lego Polaroid OneStep Camera set was accidentally listed on a Polish retailer's website (via Jay's Brick Blog). It is likely coming at the start of next year and, yes, we very much want one.

Seemingly life-sized, it features a replica of the Polaroid Land Camera 1000 that was originally released in 1977 but is perhaps more synonymous with the 1980s (we even own an original ourselves).

The set seems to have some nice extra touches too, such as a box of film and a few Lego-themed "instant photos". It's based on the successful Ideas submission by Minibrick Productions and, according to the leaked packaging, consists of 516 bricks.

That means it's not a particularly complicated build, although that should also keep the price down to more affordable levels. We're still awaiting the actual cost, at present.

Lego Polaroid Camera set

(Image credit: Jay's Brick Blog / Lego)

In some ways, it's a shame that the Polaroid set won't be available for Christmas. But you could always save up some of that gifted cash, as it's thought that it'll be released around 1 January 2024.

You can even match it with the Lego Retro Camera set that will also be available from the same day. That's part of the Creator range and costs just £17.99, so won't break the bank.

Now all we need is a Lego digital camera to complete the set... anyone up for a Hasselblad collaboration?

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