This Lego Pac-Man is a retro dream come true

Pac-Man swaps his pellets for bricks

The Lego Pac-Man arcade cabinet
(Image credit: Lego)

Pac-Man is 43 years old today but thanks to Lego he’s never looked better. The wizards at the brick company have created a functional arcade cabinet to celebrate — and to be honest, I’ve come down with a bad case of Pac-Man fever for what looks like one of the best Lego sets.

Launching on the 4th of June, Lego’s collaboration with Bandai Namco’s most famous character is not just for decoration. While you can’t play a full game of the arcade classic, you can simulate it with a mechanical crank to operate the (all Lego) inner workings and move Pac (as his friends call him) and his ghost rivals. 

The top of the 2651-piece build features a scene of Pac-Man being chased by Blinky and Clyde that can be reversed to symbolise the turning of tables when Pac-Man eats a power pellet (the big ones in the corners). Little ones who want to get involved can assemble the minifig Arcade scene that comes included with the cabinet. 


(Image credit: Lego)

This £229 cabinet is the result of a collaboration that has been a long time coming with Namco-Bandai revealing that Pac-Man’s signature yellow colour was inspired by Lego bricks. Other loving details on the build include a light-up insert coin slot (no coins required), a moveable joystick and a high score display.

At 13” tall, this is an easier sell to your loved ones than shoving a full-size arcade cabinet into your front room but I’m excited at the potential crossover possibilities. Imagine a whole arcade with Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Bubble Bobble, Outrun and Street Fighter. I might never leave the house again. Of course, Lego loves more modern games too, with the likes of the Tallneck from the Horizon series also getting the brick treatment.

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