75-inch Samsung 4K HDR TV instantly looks a bargain at £749

Pick up a gigantic 75-inch 4K HDR TV now for a lower price

Samsung 4K HDR TV 75-inch
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Here at T3, we think that 75-inch TVs are the perfect heart of a serious home cinema setup as their huge dimensions really ramp up the immersion.

Which is why we think this 75-inch 4K HDR TV from top television maker Samsung is well worth checking out right now if you're in the market for an upgrade, as it takes the price of the panel down to £749.

View the 75-inch Samsung 4K HDR TV at Currys

This isn't just a big TV either, but one loaded with advanced technology. The Samsung TU7020 comes installed with the firm's 4K Crystal Processor, which delivers an Ultra HD resolution and HDR10+ image support, while the set also offers a great Smart TV interface and in-built Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control.

In addition, the TU7020 comes with an Adaptive Sound system that automatically optimises audio depending on what's being watched, as well as a Game Enhancer that is designed to deliver incredibly low lag rates when playing video games.

Here are the full details of the offer:

Samsung TU7020 Crystal UHD 4K Ultra HD HDR 75" Smart TV): was £899, now £749 at Currys

Samsung TU7020 Crystal UHD 4K Ultra HD HDR 75" Smart TV): was £899, now £749 at Currys
This huge 75-inch 4K HDR TV from Samsung is now £749 at Currys, with a £150 price cut applied. For movies, live sports, and blockbuster TV shows, this is a great choice of TV as it delivers loads of screen real estate for an affordable price.

This model of TV is also discounted in its 55-inch, 50-inch and 43-inch panel sizes, too, so if you like the idea of a 4K HDR TV upgrade but actually could do with something smaller, then be sure to browse the range.

The 55-inch model is retailing for £459 right now, while the 43-inch model is as low as £339. The 50-inch panel splits the difference at £399.

Why consider the Samsung TU7020 4K HDR TV

Samsung is, along with Sony and LG, one of the three best TV makers in the world, with it excelling in large, Ultra HD panels like this one.

This TV comes with the size, resolution and HDR image credentials that will mean any buyer will be set for TV, movies and live sports for years to come, with it ticking all the boxes needed to enjoy today's entertainment in the best fidelity possible.

Is this TV the best in the world? No, it is not, with (at this panel size) vastly more expensive OLED TVs offering greater levels of contrast and peak brightness. But the images the TU7020 delivers are really, really good and unless you need advanced gaming features like a 120Hz refresh rate, its performance is very strong.

For movies and live sports especially a massive panel size like offered here is ideal in our opinion, making it easy for us to recommend.

Samsung AU7100 TV on white background

(Image credit: Samsung)

Don't forget about the Samsung AU7100, either

Another Samsung range of 4K HDR TVs that is very similar to the TU7020 is the Samsung AU7100 range, which offers panels in every size from 43-inch right up to the simply colossal 85 inches. Today's latest prices on the AU7100 range can be viewed below.

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