5 reasons why smart blinds are a must-have feature

Are smart blinds worth the money? We certainly think so...

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Smart home features have undeniably advanced in recent years, becoming even more smarter and even more intuitive. Can you imagine if someone said 30 years ago that we can now clean our homes using robots and answer the door through the thermostat? It's crazy when you think about it. 

Well, there's one smart home feature that isn't discussed as much when it comes to the tech industry: smart blinds. Smart blinds use smart home technology to let you control them remotely, with most enabling you to roll them up or down at the push of a button. However, due to their sightly high price points and installation costs, smart home enthusiasts are quick to bash them. Whilst building a smart home can be done cheaply (check out our guide on how to start a smart home for under £50 if you'd like to find out how), there are some products that are just worth the money. To convince you why smart blinds are one of them, we've comprised the top five reasons why you should install them of your home.

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1. You can control all your blinds at once 

We've all seen it in the movies, but can you actually imagine waking up and all your blinds opening at once? Most smart blinds also allow you to schedule a specific time for them to open or close at once - forget about your alarm clock! With just the push of a button, there is no more fiddling with cords or manually adjusting each shade to your wanted position. 

2. They're more energy-efficient 

You may not realise it, but smart blinds help to maintain the temperature within your home, easing the demand on your heating system. When the sun is out, they can be programmed to let as much light and heat in as possible, gradually closing as the sun disappears. Over time your energy bills will decrease and your carbon footprint will be reduced. 

3. They add another level of home security

Smart blinds can be controlled from anywhere in the world with just an app and internet connection. This means you'd be able manage your property whilst away from home, keeping the illusion to any potential onlookers that your home is occupied. If you don't want to do this, the blinds can still be scheduled to open and close at certain times of the day. A strong and convenient way to deter would-be burglars from your home! 

4. They're a lot safer 

As children grow, so does their curiosity. This makes it likely for them to explore things they shouldn't, including items that hang closely to the floor. Even though blinds aren't innately dangerous, there have unfortunately been instances of death and injury involving children and blinds. One of the best things about smart blinds is that there aren't any loose cords or chains, making them a much safer option and hugely popular amongst parents with toddlers. If you're considering baby-proofing your home, then smart blinds may be a good place to start. 

5. They increase your home's value 

Adding any smart home solution can increase your home's value if you decide to sell. Whilst the value varies depending on what you choose to install, smart blinds are a great feature to invest in. Today, the benefits of smart blinds are incredibly desirable for prospective home buyers, especially due to their convenience and energy efficiency. 

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