12 gadgets every girl needs in her pocket

Portable tech designed for the fairer sex

Having recently published a list of essential portable tech for male pockets we're here to do the same for the ladies in our audience. From taking your tunes out with you on the go, to tracking steps without committing any fashion crimes, these gadgets are worth weighing up.

Of course in most cases there's no reason why girls can't use gadgets designed for guys and vice versa - we're supposed to be living in modern and enlightened times after all - but the gizmos on this list have a little more style and a bit more of a feminine feel to them.

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1. Selfie Shutter

Selfie Shutter

What happens when you want to get a big picture of all the girls (or indeed the guys) - who takes the photo if there's not a friendly passer-by to call on? You get hold of the Selfie Shutter remote button, a small, inexpensive, Bluetooth-powered device that works with all recent iPhones and Android phones. The battery life lasts around six months so you should get plenty of selfies and group shots out of it. [£7.95 ($11), Red5]

2. Ringly Smart Notification Ring


Ringly makes several fashionable products designed to help you spend less time checking your phone while looking stylish at the same time. You can specify which phone notifications cause subtle vibrations and LED flashes on your ring, so only the important alerts come through, and there are nine different colours to choose from. The Ringly app is available for both Android and iOS devices. [$195 (£140), Ringly]

3. Withings Activité

Withings Activite

If you're looking for a smartwatch/fitness tracker with a touch of feminine charm then your options are fairly limited, but the Withings Activité fits the bill neatly: the only indication that this is a smartwatch is the small dial on the front that shows you how close you are to your daily activity goal. It's smart, sleek, discreet and one of the few wearables of the moment that aren't chunky and masculine. [£320/$450, Withings]

4. Everpurse


Born on Kickstarter and now available to anyone who wants one, the Everpurse doesn't fit in your pocket but does a good job of replacing it. It's main party trick is being able to charge your phone while you're on the go, but the bag itself features wireless charging so you don't have to mess around with any cables. iPhone charging aside, these are spacious and stylish handbags in their own right too. [$198+ (£140+), Everpurse]

5. Jabra Sport Pulse

Jabra Sport Pulse

You no doubt want something snug and natural-looking if you're taking headphones out with you on your morning (or evening) jog and the Sport Pulse pair from Jabra fit the bill nicely: they're both weatherproof and shockproof, come with a built-in heart rate monitor for checking the intensity of your run and are designed to stay in place no matter what. Try the Sport Pace set for a cheaper alternative. [£199.99/$199.99, Jabra]

6. BioLite NanoGrid

BioLite NanoGrid

Whether you're off to the Lake District or your summer music festival of choice, the NanoGrid from BioLite can prove an essential camping companion. It's actually three gadgets in one: a torch, a lantern and a power supply for all your electronic gadgets. The beam of light reaches up to 100 metres in torch mode and the integrated 4,400 mAh is enough to recharge three smartphones. [£89.90/$109.90, BioLite]

7. Light Grooves Charger

Light Grooves Charger

If you're going to charge your smartphone up then you might as well do it with a little bit of style - these Light Grooves chargers are available in both blue and green and come in versions for both microUSB and Lightning connectors. Plug them into a power source and the light show begins, and you can tell how much longer you need to wait near a wall socket thanks to the speed of the lights. [£11.95 ($17), Red5]

8. Narrative Clip 2

Narrative Clip 2

The Narrative Clip 2 is a lifelogging camera: you clip it to a piece of clothing and it automatically captures video clips and photos as you go, without you having to whip out your mobile or take pictures manually. The software that comes with it sorts out the highlights from the content you've collected, giving you a unique look back at your days. It's not really for your pocket, but it's pocket-sized... [€229 (£175/$250), Narrative]

9. Mighty Audio Spotify Player

Mighty Audio Spotify Player

Free your streaming Spotify tunes from your phone (and tablet and laptop) with the Mighty Audio Player, a portable gadget that syncs your playlists and lets you listen to them without an internet connection. You can think of it as an iPod Shuffle but just for Spotify, and if you get involved at the Kickstarter stage then you can get your hands on some exclusive rewards and bonuses as well. [$79 (£57), Kickstarter]

10. Equil Smartpen 2

Equil Smartpen 2

Described as "the natural way to capture your brilliant thoughts", the Smartpen 2 from Equil creates digital copies of your scribbled notes as you sketch them out on (normal) physical paper. Your handwriting can be converted into digital text, if you wish, and thanks to the accompanying apps you can sync your notes across multiple devices. You can also use the built-in memory to store notes on the move. [£129 ($180), Equil]

11. Mini-Clutch Speaker

Mini-Clutch Speaker

It's a portable, wireless, Bluetooth-enabled speaker for pumping out your tunes, a speakerphone for making calls, and a functional clutch bag all rolled into one - basically the perfect gadget for your next picnic out. For those non-Bluetooth-enabled accessories there's an aux-in jack and you can pick from two other styles if the "dazzling diamond" version shown here is a bit too bling for your tastes. [£169/$199, Stellé Audio]

12. Underwater Disco Lightshow

Underwater Disco Lightshow

If you enjoy a nice, long soak in the bath then the Underwater Disco Lightshow is worth taking a look at: it turns your otherwise ordinary bathwater into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of colours. The gadget just about fits into the pocket of your bathrobe, is battery-powered and is obviously 100 percent waterproof - there are five different modes to choose from to match your bathtime mood. [£7.99 ($11), Firebox]

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