10 actually useful Apple Watch hacks from TikTok

Looking for Apple Watch tips and tricks? A few of these may surprise you

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There are now more than 1 billion TikTok users globally and it's estimated that Apple has sold 100 million Apple Watches. If you consider how quickly the best smartwatches have advanced since the first Apple Watch was released, it can be easy to find yourself falling behind. 

One of the reasons for the rise in TikTok's popularity is that it is full of potentially life-saving tips and hacks to help make the most of our personal tech.

With this in mind, experts from OnBuy Smartwatches (opens in new tab) were consulted in a bid to find the most popular Apple Watch hacks on TikTok. Their in-house experts compiled a master list containing ten of the most popular videos concerning Apple Watch features that every owner should be aware of, which have a combined total of 24,106,800 views!

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1. Hand Gesture Replacements

@ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)

♬ original sound - ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)

Views - 8 Million
Likes - 572.7k

 By using certain hand gestures, you can easily access features on your Apple Watch. OnBuy Smart Watches (opens in new tab) found this viral video by @ellyawesometech (opens in new tab) who instructs how to go into the settings of your smartwatch and assign certain gestures to a particular action. An example seen in the video is clenching your fist to open Apple pay.

2. Secret Spy Camera 

@katamogz (opens in new tab)

♬ Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod (opens in new tab)

Views - 1.9 million
Likes - 65.9k

 This TikTok by @katamogz (opens in new tab) demonstrates the ‘Spy Camera’ feature. When you connect your iPhone to your Apple Watch, you can open up the watch camera app to access your live iPhone camera feed. This allows you to set up your iPhone elsewhere and — as long as you are within range — take snaps remotely.

3. A Seamless Workout

@cnnunderscored (opens in new tab)

♬ original sound - Product Reviews (opens in new tab)

Views - 1.5 million
Likes - 83.4k

 Rather than having to start and stop your workouts, @cnnunderscored (opens in new tab) illustrates how to create one continuous workout on your Apple Watch. You can do this easily by pressing the ‘+’ button mid-workout rather than the end. This will allow you to proceed onto your next workout whilst keeping all the data from your previous one. When you are finished, press end and you will see all of your activities collectively tracked and stored under the same workout session.

4. Disney Character Time Announcements

@hayls_world (opens in new tab)

♬ original sound - Hayls World (opens in new tab)

Views - 673.2k
Likes - 46.6k

 This TikTok tip from @hayls_world (opens in new tab) shows us a cool trick to not only get your Apple Watch to tell you the time in the standard Siri voice,  but in the voices of Mickey and Minnie Mouse! To do this,  simply hold the screen down with two fingers on the desired clock screen. 

5. Leaving A Tip

@easypaycheckboy (opens in new tab)

♬ Rasputin (Single Version) - Boney M. (opens in new tab)

Views - 264.9k
Likes - 3.6k

 When eating at a restaurant, the thought of working out the tip can be daunting for those who struggle with maths. However, @easypaycheckboy (opens in new tab) highlights Apple’s TIP feature on the calculator, which does all the hard work for you. Not only does it tell you whatever percentage tip you would like to give, but it will also even allow you to input the number of people splitting the bill to work out each individual contribution.

6. Hidden Flashlight 

@ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)

♬ original sound - ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)

Views - 173.3k
Likes - 10.5k

 @ellyawesometech (opens in new tab) demonstrates how to get the most out of the Apple Watch flashlight. Pressing the ‘torch’ icon on your screen emits a bright white light, but this setting also has other colour options, such as a red light, which helps your eyes to adjust easier in the dark! The app also includes a flashing light which can be used as an SOS signal, or can double as a light to use when running or cycling to show vehicles where you are. 

7. Apple Maps

@kate_kozuch (opens in new tab)

♬ misery 4 u - Nick (opens in new tab)

Views - 76.1k
Likes - 4.5k

OnBuy Smart Watches (opens in new tab) discovered this TikTok tip from @kate_kozuch (opens in new tab) who shows us how to optimise Maps on your Apple Watch. By setting your journey in the maps app, your watch will give you live updates and directions, displaying them on the screen. It will also give you different vibration patterns to indicate to you whether to turn left or right, meaning you don’t need to take your focus away from driving.

8. Tidying up your home screen 

@techoutadam (opens in new tab)

♬ Home - Edith Whiskers (opens in new tab)

Views - 60.8k
Likes - 1.7k

 Although simple, these 2 tips from @techoutadam (opens in new tab) can help your Apple Watch to run more smoothly and with much less clutter. By scrolling up to the very top of your notifications board, there is a ‘clear all’ option that gets rid of every notification you have not yet checked. Or, if you find yourself scrolling through apps or messages but want to go back to the top of the list, simply click the clock icon in the top right of the screen and it will take you to the top of whatever page you are currently on.

9. Medical ID 

@ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)

♬ original sound - ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)

Views - 30.5k
Likes - 1.3k

In the health app on your watch, you can set up a ‘medical ID’, where you can input any allergies, conditions or medical requirements. As shown here by @ellyawesometech (opens in new tab)if paired to your phone, you just need to hold down the side button on your watch until the “emergency” screen appears. This will allow anybody to access your medical ID in the case of an emergency.

10. SOS

@brendanstechtips (opens in new tab)

♬ original sound - nanno lover (opens in new tab)

Views - 28k
Likes - 2k

This simple setting could end up saving your life. There is a feature within your iPhone that can also be activated on your Apple Watch via the same method. Called ‘in case of emergency' it can be located in the shortcuts app. You can add instructions such as sending your current location, coupled with sending an SOS text message to your loved ones or to the emergency services, as shown by @brendanstechtips (opens in new tab) in this video.

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