Rings of Power episode 3 – when and where to stream Lord of the Rings series' latest

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is upon us, here's when each episode airs, plus where to watch

Rings Of Power
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The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power release became available to stream from 1st September in the USA and 2nd September in the UK. Many tuned into the new The Lord of the Rings show's first two episodes, but what about the rest of the series?

The show is available on Amazon Prime Video only, so you'll require a Prime Membership to watch. Amazon will be showing in up to 4K resolution with HDR (high dynamic range) and Dolby Atmos available, so if you've got one of the best TVs and best soundbars then you'll have an audio-visual feast to dig into.

The Rings of Power will air on a weekly basis, with each new episode arriving on a Friday. Here's how The Rings of Power release date calendar looks for the full 8 episodes of the first season:

Rings of Power S1: list of episodes and release dates

  • Episodes 1 & 2: September 1st/2nd
  • Episode 3: September 9th
  • Episode 4: September 16th
  • Episode 5: September 23rd
  • Episode 6: September 30th
  • Episode 7: October 7th
  • Episode 8: October 14th

There's a whole lot of hype around The Rings of Power, which is no surprise: the original trailer looked absolutely epic, with Amazon clearly squeezing every penny out of its $715 million budget in the production (that's about £620 million!). Even if you're not a Rings mega-fan, it's a visual feast that everyone should take some pleasure in. 

The show is based around 20 rings of power (hence the name) handed to various characters throughout Middle Earth. That means the season has a lot more scope and breadth compared to the The Lord of the Rings movies series.

So much scope, indeed, that it's widely expected that Amazon will quickly commission The Rings of Power for season 2, which is expected to start photography in the very near future, although there's no known release date at this stage, or word on whether there will be more episodes or additional seasons. 

Given how much Amazon has spent, however, it'd be no surprise to see this new TLOTR show continue on for an extended period, giving fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's classics lots to look forward to.

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