I found the best workout for stronger, bigger glutes – and it's only 4 exercises

Want better buns? Technogym trainer Patrick Frost has a glute workout for you

athlete performing a glute workout with a barbell in a garage gym-style environment
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Kim Kardashian might be known for having the best – err assets – in the business when it comes to the derriere, but the benefits of owning a pair of exceptional glutes aren’t limited to the superficial world of desirable aesthetics. 

Strong gluteals are crucial for proper pelvic alignment as well as propulsion during walking and running, and even standing on one leg (perfect for yoga, then). A strong pair of glutes also supports the lower back during lifting while helping to prevent knee injuries. After all, they are the biggest muscles in the entire body, so looking after them is a no brainer. 

But how does one isolate the training of the glute muscles? Is it even possible? Well, according to influencer, personal trainer and Technogym trainer Patrick Frost, it is. In a recent Instagram post, Frost runs through his top tips to work the glute muscles and build a firmer, more rounded butt.

“I was the king of the flat butts back in the day,” says Frost. I've spent years developing dis [sic] booty! Here is a simple breakdown of some moves you could incorporate to start building yours!”

So, whether you want to plump up a flat backside, follow current trends and inflate the size of your behind to epic proportions, or simply strengthen your glutes to prevent injury, here are the best exercises you can do to help that process along…

 The workout

The workout comprises four main exercises: hip thrusters, single leg RDLs, step-ups and hyperextensions. While there are plenty more glute-busting exercises to have a go at in the quest for booty only a Greek god could compare to, Frost recommends starting with the above and, after perfecting them, adding more, progressively overloading them over time.

“Your butt will be perky in no time!” he says.

For even more glute workout action, check out the best glute exercises (not surprisingly, barbell hip thrusters are also on this list) or this resistance band glute workout that builds bum definition quite well. Alternatively, this 5-move leg day workout is a fast and efficient way to pump your plump.

For a more full-body approach, you should definitely try the best full-body workout and the best push-pull-legs exercise routine. Or you can learn how to do squats – maybe you should start there, actually.

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