World Environment Day 2024: 5 eco-friendly subscription boxes you should try

Do your bit for the environment with these subscription boxes

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In recent years, subscription boxes have surged in popularity, mostly due to how convenient they can be. Having your favourite products posted through your door when needed is a huge appeal to anyone, and the subscription box trend shows no sign of going away.

Another huge trend at the moment is sustainability, especially when it comes to kitchen gadgets and skincare. These days, people appreciate knowing where their products have come from, and whether they're contributing to helping the environment. 

As today marks World Environment Day, we thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to mix the two and round up our favourite eco-friendly subscription boxes. Keep reading to find out what they are, and to see if any pique your interest.  

1. Smol


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Smol is one cleaning subscription service that's gained a lot of exposure recently, mostly due it its high quality products and low prices. Smol helps you calculate how many laundry tablets you actually need, all of which are sustainably packaged and delivered directly whenever you run out. 

Smol is currently offering a starter bundle which includes six of the brand's most popular products, priced at only £9 plus delivery. This is a great way to try out the products before signing up to the subscription service. 

Try out a Smol Starter Bundle for just £9 plus delivery

2. Grind coffee

Grind coffee

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If you're a coffee fanatic, Grind's coffee subscription service is a winner. It allows you to choose from the brand's range of Nespresso compatible pods and customise how often you need them via the Grind app. The pods are then delivered in no time at all, with sustainable packaging and carbon friendly shipping. You even receive a free Grind tin with your first purchase. 

Browse Grind's range of sustainable coffee pods with its subscription service

3. Make Waves 

Make Waves

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If you're a fan of sustainable skincare, have you ever consider using a refillable deodorant? Make Waves is a great brand to start with as it offers a convenient plan that'll deliver three refills every three, four or five months. You can also choose between an Antiperspirant and Natural deodorant, and there are four capsule scents to choose from. The applicator even comes in four gorgeous colours, so there's a lot of personalisation available. 

Sign up to the Make Waves refillable deodorant subscription plan 

4. Oddbox


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In a mission to significantly reduce food waste, Oddbox works by rescuing fruit and vegetables that are destined for landfill due to minor imperfections. You're able to customise your box according to which varieties you like and how big your household is, and the box will arrive overnight to help minimise emissions. It's a great subscription service if you're aiming to minimise your plastic use and make a difference to the planet.

Start rescuing unwanted fruit and veg with the Oddbox subscription service

5. Who Gives A Crap 

Who Gives A Crap

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Never run out of loo roll again with the Who Gives A Crap subscription service. All you have to do is subscribe and tell the brand how often you'd like them shipped, and it'll send you a regular delivery in the frequency of your choosing. The rolls are strong 3 ply, 100% plastic free and made without virgin trees. 

Try out the Who Gives A Crap subscription service at checkout

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