5 ways Vivo X Fold bests Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Battle of the folding phones: Vivo brings the fight to Samsung with its all-new foldable

Vivo X Fold folding phone
(Image credit: Vivo)

Vivo officially announced its first folding phone on 11th April 2022: the aptly named Vivo X Fold. And it's certainly got some wow factor.

Indeed, here are the ways in which this Vivo bests the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a battle of the folding phones. 

1. A more expansive cover display

One of the Galaxy's disappointments is its cover display: the 6.2-inch panel hosts 832 pixels across its width, at a 25:9 aspect ratio, making it very narrow. 

Vivo has taken a different approach in the X Fold: its 6.53-inch panel hosts 1080 pixels across its width, at 21:9 aspect ratio, making it like a much more normal widescreen format.

Vivo has taken a different approach in the X Fold: its 6.53-inch panel hosts 1080 pixels across its width, at 21:9 aspect ratio, making it like a much more normal widescreen format.f

Vivo X Fold official renders

(Image credit: Vivo)

2. No under-display camera distractions

Furthermore, while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 tried to be extra futuristic with an under-display selfie camera, it wasn't quite up to scratch - as we said in our review. Don't get us wrong, we love the boldness of intent, but the delivery wasn't even on par with ZTE's Axon series. 

Vivo has opted for the less technologically-astounding route, opting for a punch-hole selfie camera, but that'll save your eyes from any visual disturbances. It's a tried, tested and more reliable solution for a foldable phones such as this. 

3. Both screens get fingerprint scanners

Samsung opted for a side-mounted fingerprint scanner in the Z Fold 3, probably to ensure it's always positioned to the outermost edge whether the phone is closed or unfolded.

Vivo has gone all-out with a different approach: the X Fold features not one but two under-display fingerprint scanners, one per screen. That means you'll be able to use bionic sign-in through the screen whatever the phone's folded condition. 

Vivo X Fold official renders

(Image credit: Vivo)

4. The rear cameras don't stick out much

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 trio of rear cameras might have a pretty-looking enclosure, but it doesn't half stick out a lot - which makes for irksome 'desk wobble' when the device is laid flat, whether folded or unfolded. 

The Vivo X Fold's quartet of rear cameras - which even includes a far-reaching 5x optical (far more than the 2x of the Samsung) - doesn't stick out nearly as much, which makes for a tidier implementation.

5. Even more up-to-date-hardware

It's probably no surprise, seeing as the Galaxy Z Fold 3 launched to market first, but the Vivo X Fold comes with updated hardware - it's a case of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 in the former, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in the latter. 

Both devices do feature 12GB RAM, though, so there's no scrimping to ensure these foldables offer the very best across their multitude of screens.

Vivo X Fold official renders

(Image credit: Vivo)

Great! When can I get one?

Here's the sticking point: the Vivo X Fold is, for now, a China-only handset. 

We suspect it will venture overseas for a proper release in the future with all the proper software in tow. It's just a case of when. 

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